No Kiss Day teaser

Yesterday was No Kiss Day, apparently.  I didn’t know, so I didn’t post anything, but I love almost-kiss scenes.  Only one of my own comes immediately to mind, though, so here it is, from Trouble is a Friend of Mine.  Context is: Bex is in disguise and needs to paint her whole body, but some of those places are kind of hard to reach…

“I just need you to finish my back,” I said.

He picked up the bottle of paint and waited for me to turn around.  I refused to look in the mirror, where I knew my face would be bright red, even through the paint, as I slowly lowered the towel in the back so it draped over everything that mattered but exposed my bare back.

Trouble pushed my hair to the side and over my shoulder.  The cold paint made me flinch as he gently applied it to my back, but after I was used to his touch, it wasn’t so bad.

Once he was done, I turned my head towards him.  “Thank you.”

He smiled at me, but it wasn’t his usual goofy grin.  “You missed a spot,” he said, running his paint-stained hand against my cheek.

“No, I didn’t,” I said softly.

“No. You didn’t,” he echoed.  “Should get these, though.”  He brushed his thumb along my lips, and I shivered for about the fortieth time today, if only for the first time I welcomed.  Our eyes were locked for several seconds.  Then, Trouble dabbed a glop of paint on my nose.

“Don’t forget there either.”  He laughed and left the room while I was still wiping it off.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog excerpt.

Lots of love,



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