My First Teaser Tuesday

For my first Teaser Tuesday, I’m going to post the scene that gave this blog it’s title.  This is from Fireflies, which is about a girl who avoids dealing with her brother’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by searching for a ghost in an inn.

So it was another night, no ghost.

I stare at the window over my bed.  A bit of night sky sneaks past the clouds, a small hole in the darkness where stars can shine through.  The hole is shaped like a brain, the stars, bits of thought waiting to be processed.  I watch them, unblinking, until my eyes begin to water, and suddenly they’re shimmering before me.  They move quickly, like fireflies rising to Heaven.  Like synapses firing through the brain.

I close my eyes. Thoughts light up and fly through my own brain.  I send them in another direction.  I reshape my brain.  I will see the ghost tomorrow, if only I find a new way to think.

I push past the part of my brain that’s broken and won’t let me see her.

Troy sleeps soundly, oblivious to my transformation.

Lots of love,


17 thoughts on “My First Teaser Tuesday

  1. First of all, your story sounds incredibly interesting. Just from what you’ve said my mind is spinning with the possibilities of a connection between the brother and the ghost! Lots of great sentences here. Good job!

  2. Beautifully sad and hopeful at the same time. And I just read Dice’s after I wrote mine but am leaving what I said and adding, hauntingly beautiful.

  3. So sad. I especially liked the stars and the brain description. I also like how she uses the ghost to escape from her problems. I’m interested to see how things develop.

  4. “They move quickly, like fireflies rising to Heaven. Like synapses firing through the brain.” I like how you take a comparison I would never think to make, and phrase it in such a way that I know exactly what you mean. Awesome.

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