Goodbye, Night

It’s snowing pretty hard.  I left work early so I wouldn’t have to drive in rush hour and more snow, even though it means losing an hour of vacation.  But on the way home, I thought, “Hey, this means I can work even more on revising Fireflies.” 🙂  Also on my mind were the betaing I’m doing and my friend’s offer of representation that I wanted to wait by the computer to get news about.  But mostly I was thinking of devoting my night to revision.

Oh, roomie.  Why did you tell these insulation people–door-to-door salespeople (canvassers, they called themselves), no less–they could send someone to do an estimate on adding insulation to our roof?  Did you not know today was supposed to be the big snow day (I’ve known since Monday)?  Did you not know they were going to try to push us into making a decision today?  Did you not know I had plans today and they included being on my computer and not listening to a guy drone on and on about why his company rocks, then throw a fit when we said we didn’t want to make a decision tonight and try to convince us for another hour?

Well, I guess you couldn’t have known that E was going to get news or that I was going to randomly get a new beta request and a partial request and want to revise Fireflies NOW.  But still.  Where did my night go?  That’s three hours I’m not getting back.  That’s several chapters I’m not going to get through tonight.

I better get snowed in tomorrow 😉

Lots of love,


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