Inbox (1)

I’ve posted this on Yapping about YA, but since I just started querying Fireflies (yay), I’m going to repost it because I know what’s coming.  I’ve already received one very exciting e-mail since starting to query (it was something for me to beta–even knowing it was coming, it was exciting).   Here’s what I can look forward to over the next few weeks (not just from 10 queries, but from various fulls out there):

Oh, Gmail,

How that little (1) can send my heart into palpitations. How I can’t resist the lure of that shiny new e-mail. How much you promise me two days after I status queried about a full. How I anticipate that you may have news on a request, even though the sender’s name says “intern,” and I know no agent with my manuscript has yet sent me anything through interns. This could be the time. There could be a reason. I click, anxiously, wondering what news you bring. Hoping you are not the dream agent who’s had my full novel for three months and would only send through interns if she was form rejecting. I hold my breath….

Hmm, a query rejection from an agency I barely remember querying. Oh, Gmail, how you have fooled me with that precious (1). I shall not be fooled agai–

Oh, my! “Inbox (1).” My heart skips a beat.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Inbox (1)

  1. I feel your pain. Seeing Inbox (1) makes you go from normal rational person to blind panic, to hopeful, then finally to either rejected, excited or angry (when it’s just spam!). I hope next time it’s good news.

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