Something to Talk About

I’ll save you guys the excitement that was my day (nothing writing-related, although I had about five heart attacks over calls and e-mails thinking they would be news on that front).

YA Highway has a Road Trip Wednesday topic: Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About. (I do love that song, btw)  “What’s everyone’s reaction when they find out you’re writing a book?”

 “Oh, that’s so cool.  I always wanted to write a book.”

“When’s it coming out?”

“You should write my story.” (Story of the person and story they came up with)

“So that character is based on you?” (or someone else I know.  “Dad” = my dad, “Mom” = my mom, all siblings = my sister, etc.)

“Why does it take so long to get published?”

And of course,

“So, when you’re as famous as JK Rowling….”


3 thoughts on “Something to Talk About

    • I’ve only had one person based on a real life person (and experience) in one of my novels, and he was a minor character and a minor person in my life. Some characters do really have some traits from myself, though. Usually that’s purposeful. Like some of Fiona’s dreaminess, and her aunt singing all over the place, those came right from my own character.

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