Peer Pressure

Being part of an online writing community is great.  You get a lot of support when you’re feeling negative about your WIPs, you have a bunch of potential beta readers, you have critters around to help nitpick your query, and you have friends who understand when you need to complain (or celebrate) what’s going on in the writing world.

One thing that is both good and bad and supportive and stressful that writing buddies bring to the table is peer pressure.  You’re almost ready for querying, but not quite there, but one of your writing buddies is getting requests left and right, or maybe even an offer, yay.  Nothing makes you want to query more than hearing about good responses other people are getting, especially if they’re in your genre.  This might even have you querying before you’re ready to.  It might make you rush through some of your editing.

Don’t fall into this trap.  It can be exciting to send out those queries and get those responses (requests, we hope), but if you’re sending out fulls before the novel’s ready, you’ll regret it.  All those things you know need to be done will haunt you, either by full rejections or as you think about them while you wait the likely months for any response at all.

Then there’s more direct peer pressure.  Some writers like my friend Hannah Moskowitz who encourage querying even when you know you need to revise first or research the agents first (because, of course you know, I’m the world’s slowest querier) or wait for at least two months before you query the same agent again.  But sometimes it’s good to have her yelling “moar queries” at you all the time.  She’s right about one thing.  You can’t get an agent without querying (well, most of the time) and, assuming your novel is ready and you have a good query, sending more queries gives you a better chance of finding the agents that will love your novel.

So more queries, yes.  When you’re ready.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Peer Pressure

  1. *deep breaths* There seems to be a lot of this going around TWFT and OPWFT lately. 😀 *is dying to query but knows she really has to wait…* It’s just so hard when you have people running around querying, even if they’re getting rejections, because querying is EXCITING and you just want to get to that point…

  2. Ah, I feel this even though I know that I am at least six months away from querying. Good advice that I will have to remember. 🙂

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