Teaser Tuesday – EoS rebooted

This is all I have of the rebooted Echoes of Silence.  I have to do some research before I go on, but I wanted to get something down this week.

Grandpa wanted a boy.  That’s really important for you to understand about Jian and me, how we even got to be, well, us.  Grandpa wanted a boy, and Grandma was already having a girl.  So Grandpa went to Gaian shrine to see what he could do about that.  Add in a prayer to the gods, a little magic, and ta dah, they got Papa.  Now add in Mama, and you got us.

Because I know what you’re going to say.  “Boy-girl identical twins?  Impossible.”  Well, just look at us.  I mean, do you see any differences beyond the long braid Jian’s put his black hair in, and, you know, a little makeup on me?  We’re doing this for your benefit, so you don’t mistake Jian’s girly mouth and eyes for mine or my kinda masculine chin and nose–shut up–for his.  I’m trying with the clothes, but, hey, the flat-chest and lack of hips aren’t helping.

So just how do you get identical boy-girl twins?  Remember that little prayer Grandpa made to change Papa from a girl to a boy?  Well, it only did the job halfway.  Papa’s Y-chromosome has been hovering on the edge of being an X his whole life, kinda wavering between the two, so when Jian and I were in the womb and we split from one embryo to two, I took the X, and he took the Y.

Jian’s kinda selfish because that’s not all he took with him when we split into two.

 That’s all for now.

Lots of love,



9 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – EoS rebooted

  1. hahaha, i loved this! Anything with twins, identical, fraternal, etc, is great. This is something new, too, which is interesting. I wonder what else Jian took from your MC. Hmmm….

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