Time to Sing

I can tell when I’m really stressed.  That’s when I stop singing.  This is too bad because singing really releases a lot of stress for me.  The best is when I’m singing and thinking about how the lyrics apply to a piece of fiction, or when I’m singing and imagine myself auditioning for American Idol.  Why?  Because I’m usually multi-tasking while I do this, and my mind is sufficiently occupied enough to not think about the things that are stressing me out.

I have all this great new music, too.  I just downloaded Train’s, Motion City Soundtrack’s, and Corinne Bailey Rae’s new albums.  Since getting my netbook and being able to download from iTunes again (my old laptop hated it) I had also downloaded the entire set of songs from Glee, and Adam Lambert’s, Owl City’s, and John Mayer’s new cds.  All this great music, but… before I got my netbook, I lost my iPod cord so I couldn’t connect it to my computer.  Yesterday, I found the cord… wouldn’t you know it, I can’t find my iPod this week.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten so tired of the same five voices being on the radio.  Whether it’s the local AT40 station, where it’s literally the same five voices every hour, and then anyone else they can fit in around them, or other stations where it just seems like every band or artist sounds the same right now.  And I like some of these artists and songs, but… at least if I’m listening to iTunes and I get tired of  Owl City, I can actively change it to Maroon 5 or Sara Bareilles or The Beatles or my HEVN SNT soundtrack.  At work, we switched to NPR, which is good in some ways–we have programs to listen to that are usually interesting and keep our minds engaged–and bad in others–I can’t think about plotting while listening to NPR for some reason, but my mind does get bored sometimes and check out of the program, and then I’m back to thinking about the things stressing me out.  Not that I could sing at work right now anyway.  The coworker who hates people singing to the radio is working at the table next to me these days.

The last two days, I broke down and listened to the AT40 station on the way home from work (the mornings have an awful morning show, as all stations my car gets currently do), and they played “Fireflies” and “Smile” and “Hey, Soul Sister” (Owl City, Uncle Kracker, and Train), and these are all songs that make me very happy.  Even though I’m just learning two of them, I sang along as best I could, and suddenly I was home, happy, and hadn’t thought about those stressful things the whole car trip.  Of course, listen a little longer, I’m sure I would’ve heard that annoying I’m-a-Valley-Girl-and-an-idiot-and-probably-chewing-gum-while-I-talk-sing voice.  And that’s part of the problem.  Even after a break from the radio, where I can handle the songs I love that I got overwhelmed by again, there will always be the ones I just can’t stand that are played just as often, if not more.

But anyway, hopefully I’ll find my iPod soon, update it, and start singing again.  I could use it.

Lots of love,


ETA: I found my iPod in my gym bag, yay 😀

4 thoughts on “Time to Sing

  1. I bought Glee 1 today (I already had 2)! I’m with you, although I do love Ke$ha. I, however, hate that Uncle Kracker song. Keep singing!

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