Not Quite Fireflies, part 1

Since Fiona’s scene in Dance Me a Match is so long (over 2000 words as was the NaNo plan), I’m going to split it in three parts on the blog.  The last part will fall on Teaser Tuesday, which works out nicely.  The first part is my favorite, though.

Things of note from DMaM:

– Fiona is on a show called Dance Me a Match, which is a cross between So You Think You Can Dance and a matchmaking game.
– The host, Bryan, made up a ghost story about a famous dancer whose house the contestants are staying in.
– One of the contestants, Taylor, found a secret passage earlier in the story and walked around in it until she ended up in between the basement and the first floor, where she can see into the practice rooms
– Taylor saw a male contestant, Lance, manipulate a young, innocent contestant, Brittney, to have sex with him, but was too scared to interrupt because he seemed to have the judges wrapped around his finger
– Carmen is a judge
– Fiona is older in this book than in Fireflies

It’s odd how a candle’s flame flickers around in a room with no ventilation.  This room of mine is always stuffy, though less so with Elana gone.  No windows are open.  The vents don’t work.  Yet the candle flickers.  Odd.

I wonder why Elana made the room stuffier.  Maybe she just breathed in all the good air and transferred it to poisonous carbon dioxide, then our ventless room never recovered.  Good thing she wasn’t in here much.  I might have suffocated.

But now she’s gone. Matched to another part of the house.  You know, there’s a weird thing about this house.  People get matched, and they go to another section of the house, and it’s like there’s this vortex that they go through, and a barrier appears, and none of us see each other again, at least not until the next time we all dance together on stage.  It’s almost like people disappear.

Know what else is weird about the house?  The ghost.  Seriously, it kinda made some noise for a couple of weeks, then it disappeared too.  Poof.  Too bad.  It was pretty exciting while it was happening.  Now everything’s all drama and dancing.

I don’t know if anyone else heard it, but that night when they told us about it, there was someone in the walls.  I followed it.  It started upstairs, maybe in that library up there.  I heard it walking around right above my room. I stood up on my bed as it passed over it, then it kept walking, so I followed it right to the edge of my room.  I didn’t want to lose it, so I left the room and walked down the hall.  Not a single boy seemed to care that I was in their wing.  I went into some of the empty rooms and tracked her progress.

And suddenly she wasn’t overhead anymore.  I could hear her footsteps right in the wall beside me.  She walked down a little, crossed over the window, then came down more until her feet were at the same level as mine.  Weird because I always thought ghosts could sorta float, but she was walking.  I followed her out into the hall as far as I could, but then she started descending.  I ran downstairs, but I had lost her.

You know who else was running around the house that night?  Lance.  He left the practice rooms shortly after Taylor did.  Odd ‘cuz I don’t think of them as the type to be together for anything.  Usually he’s with louder people like Amy or Starr or meaner people like Alisha.  Also they weren’t partnered that week.  That was his week with Brittney.

He went out to the gardens, and I realized how much I loved the gardens.  They were more appealing than the ghost, and I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I walked outside and wandered over to the fountain.  It reminds me of this candle, how it flickers and changes every second.  The colors are mesmerizing.  I know there’s a pattern, but it always keeps me on my toes anyway.  I was watching, on my very tiptoes, and then I overheard two people arguing. 

“Come on, sugar, don’t do this to me,” the guy said.

“I don’t think I can justify matching you with Brittney.  The audience won’t buy it, and Jack and Jasmine certainly won’t.”

“Tell them to do it for ratings then.  Come on, don’t you want to see your baby win?  Don’t you want to see him on the beaches of Hawaii?  Wouldn’t you rather see him there than any other contestant?  Brittney can make it happen for me.”

“You make it sound like we’ll be alone.  The other judges will be there, and Brittney too.  Do you think they’ll let us meet?”

“Well, we have what we have tonight, don’t we?”

I had followed a lightning bug during the conversation, but my eyes refocused in time to see Lance kiss Carmen over by the gazebo and unzip her dress in the back.    She raised her arms along a gazebo column as he took off her dress, kissing her breasts.  My eyes widened, and I backed up quickly, making a lot of noise.  But they must have been too wrapped up in what they were doing because they didn’t react.

The firefly ascended as soon as I jerked back.

I blow out this candle and walk the halls.

Hope you enjoyed it.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

Lots of love,



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