Not Quite Fireflies, part 2

Here’s the second installment of the Dance Me a Match Fiona chapter.  Although I still love it, this one is my least favorite section of the three, but it does have her thoughts about Troy.  With Fiona’s style of storytelling, I think it’s better to read the whole thing together, but I didn’t want to make a incredibly long post.

Things of note from DMaM:

– Fiona is on a show called Dance Me a Match, which is a cross between So You Think You Can Dance and a matchmaking game.
– The host, Bryan, made up a ghost story about a famous dancer whose house the contestants are staying in.
– Fiona is older in this book than in Fireflies

Part 2:

I blow out this candle and walk the halls.

Darkness doesn’t bother me.  I haven’t been able to sleep since my brother, Troy, got hurt.  He was at a party.  Wasn’t even drunk, but he decided to do a dare some of the guys gave him.  He got up on the roof of the house and jumped for the pool, but his head hit the edge of the pool on the way down.  It took two weeks for him to wake up from the coma, and he’s still recovering from the TBI–that’s traumatic brain injury.  He hit his head, and all this fluid built up under his skull.  Plus, his brain swelled, which is what causes all the problems because it presses up against the skull and doesn’t have room to work properly.

It’s really hard to watch him go through basic stuff like how to walk and eat and talk.

I auditioned so I wouldn’t have to watch.

This show is almost over.  I wonder how much better he is.  The swelling goes down fast at first, and most of the healing is done then, but after that, it tapers off and he has to live with it or make up new ways to think around the swelly part of his brain.

We had to buy new equipment and make a lot of allowances for him.  He was in a wheelchair, and we got a bench for the shower, and bought this whole contraption for the toilet.  He had to sleep downstairs because we don’t have ramps in our house.

Maybe they should start building houses with ramps or elevators.

If someone on this show had been in a wheelchair, they couldn’t get up to the third floor for the dorms.

I guess, they couldn’t dance the way we do either.  I bet they couldn’t make it past the video auditions.

Troy was pretty good with video, but I had to have my mom film me for the auditions.

Mark’s my favorite camera man on the show.  He actually cares about us.  Notice how he didn’t rat us out about the rebellion.  Instead he gave us stuff to think about.  It’s important to find new ways to think about things.

I wonder if it’s because he’s eighteen and basically a teen like the rest of us.  I’m one of the youngest on the show, at fifteen, but Brittney’s the baby, of course.  Everyone knows it because the judges made a big deal about it.  Elana says I’m more of a child than Brittney, which is odd because nobody else seems to notice.

Alisha and Starr are the oldest.  They’re nineteen, which is the cutoff for the show.  Karen says that is discrimination, having only teens on the show, but since she’s here, she doesn’t mind enough to make a fuss.

I like Karen.  I hope she’s not kicked off tomorrow. 

My favorite person is Belinda, though.  She’ll hang out with me when I can’t sleep.  Or at least she did when she wasn’t matched yet.  She’s also one of the people who have figured out how to go through the vortex and get back here after they get matched.  Like last week she came over and played video games with me.

Maybe that’s what I should do now.

Oh, hey, the ghost.

I follow the tiptap of footsteps above me.

I guess this is the kind of ghost that walks instead of floats.  I wonder if there’s a name for that. 

I start upstairs and meet Mark coming down.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Fiona’s final wanderings through the house and, of course, the conclusion to the ghost story.

Lots of love,


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