Teaser Friday – Boy/Girl, take 2

Deep in depression, I didn’t post a teaser on Tuesday, but seeing as I’m feeling better now, I will post today.  I’ve decided to pick up on Boy/Girl, a project I was working on last March during my writing vacation.  An agent discouraged me from the project because he had had a problem selling a book with an MC who could create fire in her hands to a particular publisher that he thought was perfect for the book. A bit of magic that Cam can also do.  But after a year of reflection, I don’t think it’s a lost cause.  So here’s an excerpt from the beginning.  Conveniently, it explains the fantasy elements right there.

“How the Hell do you burn down a school theater?”

Cameron cringed as Uncle Charlie screamed and paced.

“This is your damn father’s fault.  Him and his damn bloodline–”

“Leave Dad alone.”  It was barely more than a whisper.

“And what are we supposed to do with you now, huh?”

“Charlie,” Cameron’s mom said, her voice calm amidst his screaming.  “We’ll find another school for Cam.”  She was always ready to get Cameron out of her hair.  The world would probably implode if they spent some time together.  “Why don’t you use your friend at Creston Academy and get Cam in?”

Cameron gawked at her.  “That’s an all-boys school.”

“So?” Uncle Charlie asked.

“I’ve been going to school as a girl since seventh grade.  You can’t just switch me like that?  All my records say ‘girl.’  I’m taking girl’s gym.”

Uncle Charlie grabbed Cameron by the hair and pulled him up close to his red face.  “You’re a boy when you’re in this house, and you’ll be a boy in that school.  You can’t go anywhere in the school district with the expulsion on your record.  Ted will let you in to Creston, no questions asked, and at only a fraction of the cost.  And you will not fuss, you hear me?”

Cameron nodded.

“This is a curse your father gave you, but as long as you can be either, be the one that is most convenient.”

He nodded again and hugged himself as soon as Uncle Charlie let go.  He never hated the magic that had him change sex based on who he interacted with as much as he did this minute.

“How far away is Creston?” he asked.

“Thirty miles.”

“I’ll live there?”

“It is a boarding school.”

“What about my friends?”

Uncle Charlie did not look sympathetic at all.  But then again, Cameron had never known him to be.  He didn’t like most of Cameron’s friends anyway.  Probably because they saw Cameron as a girl.  “You can come home on weekends and visit.”

Great, just what Cameron needed.  He hunched his shoulders up.  “All right.  I’ll go pack.”

Just another excuse to get rid of him really.  Get him out of their hair.  This here was probably the most time he had spent with his mom since he left the womb, and neither he nor his uncle wanted anything to do with each other.

So boarding school.  Cameron sighed.  But a second later he smiled, refusing to let it get his spirits down.  After all, all-boys school meant that everyone there would know he was a boy.  All the time.  No awkward sex changes in the middle of school when he–well, she, as the case generally was in school the last few years–happened to interact with someone who didn’t know her.  Nope, this was going to be all-male Cameron all the time.  Cameron could handle that.

I’m enjoying rereading the 18K I wrote last year, and I hope you enjoy this excerpt, late though it may be.

Lots of love,



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