My Shiny New Post, I Mean, Idea

So I teased with it on Tuesday, but haven’t given you guys the synopsis I promised.

First (haha, more teasing), I’m going to talk about listening to my iPod in order by song title.  I do this every so often when I get bored of listening to the same songs over and over.  There are 3369 songs on my iPod (which sadly does not include the 300 songs I’ve bought on my netbook because once I update it, I’ll lose the playlists that I haven’t transfered to the netbook yet), so it’s a long process, but it’s fun.  The advantage to doing it this way is that if I get tired of it or need to listen to something else, I can remember what song I’m on and keep going (unlike shuffle which will start all over again).  This time I started with the Ts because I always start with As, and I only got through the whole thing once, so I thought I’d let the end of the alphabet shine, then go back to the beginning.  I started about 2 weeks ago, my iPod temporarily died last weekend, and I am currently in the Ws.  I’ve decided to add these songs to my blog posts so you guys can watch me progress and get an idea of what I listen to.

Now Playing: Whatsername by Green Day.

Okay, so about Taylor-Made.  What do you think about that hyphen, btw?

Set in the not-too-far future, there’s a major war going on, one so brutal that all the young men being sent out to war are getting slaughtered.  Instead of sending more, the government contracts with a company to create an android so intelligent, it can go into battle and make decisions on its own, and basically die in place of the country’s remaining boys.  Not to let a good idea go to waste, the company also markets a boyfriend-version of the androids, called BOIS, due to the scarcity of guys and the government’s wish to distract people from the war.

Rosie, my female MC, thinks the whole practice is awful.  The BOIS aren’t given free will to choose to go to war or choose their partner, but they’re created to be intelligent beings.  Even though she has a dead/MIA boyfriend from the war, she can’t justify creating a race of slaves to fight for them.  She protests for their rights, would never get one of them to be her boyfriend…

Until Taylor shows up.  He’s perfect for her.  Well, of course he is.  Unknown to both of them, Taylor was actually a BOIS, made for another girl and returned, even though he still loved his original owner.  Rosie’s sister, who works at the plant, reprograms and recycles him for her sister.  Rosie can’t help but fall for the boy who was tailor-made for her… that is until they find out what he is.

And just when things are getting complicated, Taylor runs into the girl he was originally made for…

So that’s Taylor-Made.  What do you think?

Currently playing: When I’m Gone by 3 Doors Down

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “My Shiny New Post, I Mean, Idea

  1. I agree with Misty – this sounds like so much fun and drama and it’s a great twist on the android-finding-out-he’s-human plot. I want to read it!

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