Lost(?) Hour

Today we lost an hour at 2 a.m.  Booooooo.  I’d say this affected my sleep, but it didn’t because I just slept as long as I could. (I’ve been shorting myself on sleep, didn’t sleep in on any of my days off last week, and my eye has been twitching.)  So at 1:30 p.m. I got up, did laundry, played with my cats, then finally went out to run my errands.

I took in the recycling (which I had to go all over town for, because half our recycling bins are suddenly missing), bought spring decorations for the sunroom (which I can’t put up until I have containers to store my winter decorations), went to three bookstores for The Maze Runner and the complete Absolute Boyfriend series (it’s research for Taylor-Made, really), bought The Prestige (which I watched on Thursday for the first time; I knew one of the plot twists and it still surprised me–I spent all of Friday thinking about it and have to see it again), bought pajama pants and bras (I’m down a size, yay), and got my favorite Chinese food.  I got home early enough to watch way too many eps of House, send out queries, and do more laundry.  Lost hour, what?

All this driving around let me listen to a lot of songs, and most of them were awesome.  When My Boy Walks Down the Street by the Magnetic Fields, Where Have All the Cowboys Gone by Paula Cole, Where I Belong by Motion City Soundtrack (a Fireflies song), Wherever, Whenever by Shakira (a song I used to dance to during zumba), Whipping Boy by Train, and Whisper by Evanescence (an EoS song).  This is why I do this.  What a great selection of songs all in one day.

On that note:

Currently on my iPod: White Flag by Dido

In other news, today is Pi Day, and tomorrow is 3-15.  3-15 is a magic number.  I’ll maybe post about it tomorrow.

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “Lost(?) Hour

  1. omg i HATE spring forward. it totally screws me up. i always feel like i’m running after the hour i lost. ugh ugh ugh.

    happy you had some good music moments though 😀

    best of luck with all of your writing!!!

  2. My eye twitches too when I get stressed/tired. So irritating!

    I loved The Prestige. I’ve been wanting to re-watch it lately.

    The lost hour didn’t really register with me this year – I made sure to change every clock I own all at once, so there’ve been no ‘damn-it’s-six-not-five’ moments so far.

    Good luck with your research 🙂

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