Teaser Tuesday – 3/16/10

So 3-15 was pretty boring.  Maybe next year will be the foreshadowed date?  Even though it was boring, I’ll tell you why I thought it might be exciting.  A couple of years ago on 3-15, the Pick Three lottery numbers were 3-1-5, and they made a huge deal about it because it was the date and a lot of people had picked it.  Well, ever since then 315 has been EVERYWHERE, so I assume it’s haunting me for a reason.  Some kind of sign.

But not this week.

Here’s my teaser from Taylor-Made.  It occurs shortly after the last scene I teased with and is from Rosie’s POV.

She stalked over to a different machine, ordering a water and a sandwich.  Turkey, provolone, light mayo, lettuce, she entered the options with a practiced finger.  Finally, carrot sticks as a side.  The vending machine spit out her order, then Kara’s.

“Don’t you get bored buying the same sandwich every day?” Kara asked.  She was picking at a slice of pizza.

“Makes more sense than getting pizza with mushrooms on it when you don’t like them.”

Kara took another mushroom off, finally clearing enough off to nibble on the end.  “I like the flavor, just not the texture.  Give me a break.”

“I’m just saying, lunch would be easier if you didn’t have to–”

The whine of a siren interrupted her.  Rosie’s heart doubled in speed.  Shit, was this a drill?  She didn’t really have time to think about it before she was grabbing Kara’s arm and pulling her towards their homeroom’s line, their lunches forgotten.  They lined up in the quad, waited for their teachers to count them, then marched, room by room, down into the shelter under the school.

Rosie’s homeroom was one of the last down there.  She watched the overcast sky, listening for the sound of planes or targeting missiles.  Nuevo Angeles was supposed to be safe–anyone attacking the capital would be obliterated in response–but logic was having a tough time battling the fear instilled by the sirens.

Still, by the time Rosie’s class was in the shelter, she was feeling a little more certain that this was just a drill.  No sign of weapons or aircraft.

She had to admit, it was highly unlikely her class would get in the shelter in time if there was an actual attack.  This didn’t keep her from hugging herself and staring at the door, listening with the rest of her class for the sounds of explosions outside. 

So there it is.  My first Rosie tease.

Currently on my iPod: All I Hear by Train

Yep, that’s right, I got through all the rest of the Ws, the Xs, Ys, Zs, numbers, and am in the As.  I seem to remember that there are a lot of “All”s, so I might be there for a while 😉

Lots of love,

3 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – 3/16/10

  1. I really liked that snippet. It immediately pulled me in. I want to know what happens next. Was it really only a drill? I hope I get to find out.

    Your writing style is wonderful, by the way.

  2. i really liked this, sage! you’ve got a great voice and real skill with words. your mechanics are well-developed! i’m excited to see where this story goes!

    best of luck!!

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