Teaser Tuesday – YAified AFTRLYF 1

Okay, so I’m going to pretend like I’m not obsessed with the iPod Touch I just bought myself (sadly because my beautiful iPod is dying) and do a teaser while it syncs.

I’ve been working on making AFTRLYF YA.  The biggest challenge in that is lowering Sam’s apparent age.  He started at “sixteen” and now he’s going to “thirteenish.”  Tia started at “twenty-six” and now is going for “eighteen.”  These are quote-unquote ages because Tia’s really 2000-and-change and Sam’s really about 200.  I’d love to make Sam younger, but I can’t justify to myself his older girlfriend younger than “13.”

This is the introduction to Samael, one of my favorite characters.  Context, Tia couldn’t get to her “clients” in time to pick them up at the time of their death, so she called her brother.

A young, blond kid leaned against a blue Ford Mustang and waved at me as I approached.  A teenaged Filipino girl and an old Caucasian woman waited with him.  “Thanks, Sam.  I owe you one.”

“No problem.  It’s a nice change from animals.”  One of the younger A.D.s in the field, Sam had the vet route.  San Diego’s animals that died in veterinary offices came into his care.  How lucky I would be to only have to frequent hospitals to collect my spirits.  Half of them died at home.  That was where being invisible and incorporeal came in handy.  If they couldn’t see you, nobody could object to you touching them, and, if you could walk through walls, they couldn’t keep you out.  But until I got off probation, I’d have to make do with my charms.

“Do you need any more help?” Sam asked.

“No, I have an hour before my last charge, and tomorrow’s looking much lighter in comparison.”  I patted him on the head, noticing his golden locks were a little shorter and more even than the last time I had seen him.  “How’d you get your hair cut?”

He grinned at me.  “You noticed.  Helen decided I needed a trim so she took some scissors to it.  I said it was silly, but she insisted.  Do you like it?”

“It’s just weird.”  Off his crestfallen expression, I added, “But good.  Anyway, thanks for your help.  Remind me to buy you an ice cream.”

He made a face.  “Please, I’m, like, two centuries old.  I’d much rather you put in a good word for me with Dad.  Could you?”

“If you think it’ll help.  I don’t exactly have his ear these days.”

“More so than me.  Come on.  Maybe he’ll promote me to humans.  These girls were pretty nice.”  The younger of my clients beamed, and I couldn’t help but suspect Sam of flirting with her, despite the fact that he looked like he had just barely hit his teens.  What would Helen think if she knew what her boyfriend wanted out of a transfer?

I sighed and gave in.  What could I do?  I owed Sam for saving my butt tonight.  “Don’t blame me if nothing comes of it.”

“Thanks, sis.”  He grinned as he turned the corner of a car.  “You better get going before the crowd’s around to see you teleport.”  And then he was gone.

Now that he had mentioned it, I noticed the trickle of people leaving The Q.  Chargers fans clad in blue and gold exited the stadium en masse, and Sam was right–if I wanted to teleport with the clients, I’d better make sure nobody was around to see it.  Spotting a Hummer 3, I ushered my charges towards it, hoping to use its girth to hide our disappearance.

So how am I doing?

Currently on old iPod: Cab by Train

Currently on new iPod: Sync in Progress 😉

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – YAified AFTRLYF 1

  1. Great teaser, I like it! Of course I’m confused as all hell about the fantasy elements but I’d love to read more =)

    Also, I love my ipod touch too!

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