Teaser Tuesday – AFTRLYF 2

Sorry for not posting for a week.  I promise to post again much sooner this time.

Well, I finished revising AFTRLYF for YA, at least until betas get back to me.  Here’s a scene I worked on a lot this weekend.  Context: Tia and Sam are Angels of Death and touching a human would kill the human.  Tia met Sean at a bank robbery where she was collecting a soul for Heaven.  And Tia and Sam just found Sam’s girlfriend dead in her apartment (even though Angels supposedly can’t die)

I nearly jumped out of my skin when something rubbed against my legs before I reached the door.  “Ghost!  You scared me to death.”

The white cat looked up at me with eyes full of incredulity, as if to say it wasn’t her fault the mere touch of a creature sent a jolt of fear through my body.  But despite the phantom cat’s feigned innocence, her ears were back and her tail fluffed up.  I couldn’t help but groan.  “What are you complaining about?  You live a charmed unlife, psycho.  Sleep, play, and cuddle, that’s all you do.  It’s not like you’re starving to death because I forgot to feed you.”

I put my key in the lock, when I noticed a light was on inside the front windows.  I knew I hadn’t turned one on before I’d left, so who had?  “Ghosty kitty,” I whispered.  “You’d tell me if someone was inside, right?”

I had a feeling that Ghost was doing that very thing.  You would think an invisible, incorporeal ghost cat would have no fear of strangers, but what worried me was that the stranger was the one being who could hurt Ghost… and me.

I would do better to return to the Waiting Room and get some backup.  And I was taking Ghost with me.  I bent down to scoop her up when the door opened, and I was faced with a pair of blue sneakers.

“Hello there, Tia Smith.”

I stood up quickly, shocked to see Sean Kincaid in my doorway, dressed in jeans and long-sleeved Padres shirt, a big change from his uniform earlier.

“Officer.  What are you doing here?”

“Sean, please.  And I brought back something I think you lost.”

I tried to remember if I had left something at the bank, but couldn’t come up with anything.  “Huh?”

He opened the door wider, revealing an unconscious Sam drooling over my couch.  “Sam!”

Sean put a finger to his lips.  “Shh, you’ll wake him.”

“The Hell I will!  What did you do to him?”  Okay, so the defensive “put up your dukes” stance I was taking probably wasn’t too threatening, and the smartest thing to do would be to retreat to the Waiting Room and bring back reinforcements like I had planned, but I wasn’t about to leave Sam in the hands of this monster.

It was all becoming clear.  Well, not clear in the strictest sense of the word, but some things that had seemed wrong before seemed critically wrong at the moment.  Like his eyes, which could hold mine without flinching; how he had happened to bump into me at the Chargers game, not to mention the robbery.  How could I have believed it was coincidence?

“Whoa, whoa.”  He put his hands up.  “I didn’t do anything to him but bring him home.  He got drunk all on his own power.”

I tentatively lowered my fists.  “Drunk?”

“Yes, he was drowning whatever sorrows he has pretty well at Maestro’s Bar and Grill.  He was making a scene, and I offered to take him home.”

Without letting my guard down with them, I lowered my hands.  I didn’t correct him about whose home this was.  Learning Sam lived alone would lead to more questions.  “That’s all you’re here for?  To bring Sam home?”

A momentary smile played upon his lips, and I blushed to realize it sounded as if I hoped he was here for me.  “That’s it,” he said.  He stepped out of the doorway so I could enter and tossed me Sam’s keychain.  “You should keep a better eye on him.  He’s not near old enough to drink.”  He raised a disapproving eyebrow.

“He’s older than he looks.”

“Maestro’s is lucky he was off the grounds.  A child shouldn’t be drinking, and certainly not that hard.”

I glance over at his sleeping figure and said quietly, “He doesn’t drink usually. He lost someone important to him today. ”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”  He glanced out at the ocean for a moment, then turned to walk out. “I should be going.”

As he headed out the door, I put Sam’s keys down on the table beside him and pulled the blanket hanging over the end of the couch up around his bare shoulders.  Even in San Diego, a tank top in the October night air could be chilly.  A sudden surge of fear coursed through me.  I ran to the door.  “Hey, how’d you get him here?”

“I drove him.  Had to use my car, though.  His is still at the bar. Hope you don’t mind.”

Of course, I could see the monster of a vehicle parked on the end of the street.  Who could miss it when it blocked half the road?  My concerns lay elsewhere.  “No, I mean… you didn’t touch him, did you?”

He stopped and turned, sizing me up with an inquisitive eye.  “Tia, is someone hurting your brother?”

“No.  I don’t mean touch him.  I mean physically….  You know, never mind.”  Gods, I could be such an idiot sometimes.  Of course he hadn’t touched Sam.  He was still alive, right?  I hesitated, then added, “Thank you.  For bringing him home.”

He watched me for a moment.  “If you get in trouble give me a call, okay?  I mean it.”  With my nod of reassurance, he headed for his car.

I returned to Sam’s side and ruffled his hair.  “You twerp!  Anything could have happened while you were drunk.  You could have at least invited me to come with and be your designated driver.  For someone so smart, you sure are a dumb kid sometimes.”

“Not… a kid…,” he moaned in his sleep.

“Well, you could have fooled me.” 

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11 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – AFTRLYF 2

  1. oh I love this! How we did a 180 on how we feel about the officer while reading (though not sure if I trust him still.. lol) I also loved the end! The dumb kid part, it was sweet.

  2. There’s definitely something up with the officer. I sense a romance around the corner. Great teaser! 🙂

  3. I love this — you know I love this from FNW, but it can’t hurt to repeat it 😀 Tia and Sam have such an awesome character dynamic and I thought you carried off the dialogue between Tia and Sean brilliantly and the sense of mystery is awesome, too.

    Great teaser!

  4. ooh, I loved the smile playing around his lips when she was hoping for a little more than him just bringing Sam home. Loved the last exchange between bro and sister too.

    I think this is an awesome piece! I mean, you know how much I loved Trouble, but I can so, so much potential with this one. I’ll be keeping my eye on ya! LOL

    And this is Krista, not OPWFT, I just don’t wanna log out for the moment!

  5. This was a lot of fun, Sage–love the voice in this one! I also lol’d at the cat’s “unlife.” 😀 Great tension/mystery between your MC and Sean, and the bit at the end w/the brother was cute!

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