Writing Vacations

Yay, after work, I’m heading to my favorite small town (where I went to college) and taking a mini-writing vacations.

Writing vacations are so nice.  They let you relax and not feel like you have to run around doing things on your vacation (like you do if you’re going somewhere to sightsee).  They take you away from home where you might have to deal with cats or children or roommates or spouses and work and cooking and cleaning.  For me, they keep me from watching tv while I work too. They just give you days to focus on writing away from your normal life.

I’ve taken two writing vacations before.  The first was to a cabin in Tennessee.  Other people were supposed to join me, so I got a nice big one, but at the last minute, they backed out, so I ended up with the place to myself.  My favorite part was the wall that was all windows, going up to vaulted roof (the 2nd floor bedrooms were lofts), overlooking the mountains.  I got 8K written on a new project and edited Love Sucks twice. 

My second writing trip was to Martha’s Vineyard.  You all know some of that trip, because that’s when I got my offer.  It was March, so it was still cold.  The house was awesome, right on the beach (but it was a bay beach, not the ocean).  Seriously you walked right out the doors and were practically at the water.  Lots of windows and light there.  It was too early in the season for most shops to be open, though.  This was good because it kept me at the house and writing, but bad because it’s a cute town and it’s sad that nothing was open.  My friend Grace joined me for the first weekend, and that’s when we discovered the ghost.  He wanted to write too.  There was a computer in the corner (giving us wifi), and we could hear him typing.  Later on, after Grace was gone, he knocked my purse off the table… right after I said, “Good morning, Mr. Ghost.”  During this trip I wrote 13K ,sent off like 30 query letters, and got an offer of representation.

This one will be different because I won’t be sticking to where I’m staying most of the time.  I’m sure the inn will be nice enough, but I got it for the convenience of walking out of it and being on Main Street, not for the atmosphere.  From there I can visit any number of cute shops or head straight into the coffee shop there.  I can run up to campus and work there.  Or I can head down to my favorite coffee shop (for atmosphere, not food) and write there.  I think that last one might need a car most of the time.

How much will I write?  I don’t know.  But if it gets me past the road block I’m having for ANY of my WIPs, I’ll be satisfied.

Just a note, though.  I wrote intensely during those past vacations… and neither of those novels was finished (yet).

Next question: which novel to tackle?  (If Taylor-Made fails me, I’m going to Hero/Villain, I think)

Currently on iPod: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “Writing Vacations

  1. i just got done with a writing “staycation” and have to agree that getting away from the house would have been even more productive.

    i hope you get a lot done this weekend, and my vote is for you to work on Taylor-Made. i just love the concept so much!

    • Haha, I was like, I should post now while the iPod’s on a good song.

      Of course, I didn’t know at the time that it’d be on “Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers Theme” by the time I got to work 😉

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