My First Hero/Villain Teaser Tuesday :)

I have to admit.  I’m a little excited about this book.  Granted, that’s easy when you write 16K of it in 3 days, but I know well that that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll love the novel.  I’m totally into the characters, especially Ace, and I have lots of plot already figured out for this.

So here I go into the 16K I wrote this week to find a tease.  Wish me luck, lol.




Okay, I went for an early scene that nobody’s seen.  Much as I wanted to use an Ace excerpt (that I’ve excerpted in Friday Night Writes on AW), I’m going with Evie.  Here’s the sitch: Evie is in a cemetery tracking some graverobbers.  She’s a shapeshifting superhero and is currently a cat.

Rule number five?  Don’t let the minions get what they’re looking for.  Yes, it’s tempting to find out why they want what they’re looking for or even to find out what it is they’re looking for when you don’t know, but more often than not, they’re not going to drop a hint no matter how long you wait.  And then you risk the Big Bad ending up with the thing because you want to play detective.  It’s much too easy to fall for this trap.  So when Digger breaks open the coffin with the edge of his shovel, I jump onto his face, claws extended.

He screams.  “Shit.  Get this cat off me.”  I claw at his eyes, but Loungey has gotten off his butt and grabs me by the nape of my neck off his co-lackey’s face.  My claws reach for his hands, but he tosses me off into the tombstone.  I manage to roll myself in a ball before I hit, so my back hits, not my head.

Still.  Owwwwww.

“Quick.  Get it.”

I’m still reeling too much to get up, my vision spinning as I see Digger throw his hand into the coffin and grab something.  Never let them get it, but I did.  That’s okay, I can still stop them.  I get up and steady myself, then transform into a hawk.  That’s right.  A hawk.  The wind is sufficient, and after a brief run, stretching out my wings, I take to the air.  I want to reach them before they get in their car.  I fly over them, then dive towards Digger, who’s holding something small in his right hand.  I screech and grab for his hand with my talons. 

“Holy shit, there’s a hawk attacking me.  What is this? Pet Sematary?”

He drops it, and I reach for the object, but he swings the shovel at me, and I have to swerve to avoid it.  Loungey picks the object off the ground and runs into his car before I can reach him.  Digger’s in right after him.  Shit.

I follow the car close, soaring on the wind.  Despite my failure so far, the feeling is so freeing.  I love flying.

They stop at a stoplight, and here’s my chance.  I get right above them then…

BAM.  I crash onto the hood of their car, my weight significantly heightened now that I’ve turned myself into our bulky quarterback… if he had put on another twenty pounds.  Ugh.  Hurts my ego to be this big and ugly, but it succeeds in scaring the baddies.  The car lurches forward, and then Digger stops the car short to avoid ramming us into the semi that was heading down the cross-street.  Thank you very much.  I wasn’t looking forward to ramming into that thing.

I show my thanks by smashing the window.  I transform back into the spry girl I had started as, long hair and all, and peek over the edge of the hood into the car.  Loungey and Digger are staring at me with wide eyes and gaping mouths.  “Hey, guys,” I say.  “Sorry for screwing up your car.  I’ll take that.”

Hope you enjoyed.

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15 thoughts on “My First Hero/Villain Teaser Tuesday :)

  1. OMG! I was hooked from the very first line. How could I not be with this as an opening: Rule number five? Don’t let the minions get what they’re looking for.

    Love the whole morphing and now I have way too many questions!!

  2. Wow, I love this! Normally I would think a shapeshifter would keep that a secret, but I guess it’s okay for her to reveal herself in your book. Totally cool. I like her quick thinking on choosing which animal form to take.

    • LOL, later on we find out that she actually has a superhero version of herself and a secret identity version of herself to keep from being found out. But people know about her as a shapeshifting superhero, yeah 🙂

  3. Wow! I did enjoy it! I really like the character, strong female characters are my favorite. This sounds like the kind of book I would love. Great teaser

  4. I loved it! Great teaser and the character really stands out… Good luck with the rest of the story, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing…:)

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