Teaser Tuesday – Ace, yay :D

Did I forget to blog all week?  Yes.  Not from lack of topics, just from laziness, lol.  Actually, I was trying (and sometimes succeeding) to keep my momentum going with Hero/Villain.  So here is an excerpt from Acey’s POV. 

I can give my characters cute pet names if I want to.  Especially the villains.  Don’t look at me like that.

<snuggles Ace>

Okay, but seriously, here’s the excerpt.  Things you should know.  Um, Ace is crazy, in love with Evie (the superheroine MC from the last post), he’s a supervillain with the power of invisibility, and we know that his dad (who thinks his son is dead) is the main superscientist for the superhero League and is building a teleporter.

I walk over to the fridge, and pull out a vial of a dark red liquid.  I click my fingernail against it and watch it slosh against the sides.  “Shall we see if I got the mixture right this time?”

On my dining room table, I’ve set up a mini-workshop.  I’m careful to lock everything here away on Fridays, when I allow housekeeping to clean the penthouse, but the other days I have it all out for experimentation.  Dad’s not the only scientist in the family.

Using the plans for the teleporter, I have built a miniature version.  Obviously I can’t teleport a human the way Dad plans to, but I can experiment with other animals.  I take a ladybug from a jar, its wings still thanks to the drugged aphids I fed it this morning, and lay it on the floor of the teleporter.

With a syringe, I pull out some liquid from the vial and inject it into the fuel line of the teleporter.  Dad’s using pure gasoline.  Fool.

The wires on the machine light up when I turn it on.  I put in coordinates–back into the jar–using my keyboard, then press enter.

The ladybug disappears.

“Yes.” I punch the air.

Of course, it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t reappear in the jar.  I check the jar, but nothing.

And then, no, wait, there it is.  It appears about like I do when I’m standing in front of a mirror making myself visible.  The process is fast, but noticeable, you can see through my features, and then I’m less see-through-able, and then I’m totally solid.  The Ace everyone knows and loves.  Ta-dah.

I quite enjoy becoming visible again, actually.  I don’t think there are many supervillains who love watching themselves stop using their powers as much as I do.

But that’s not what’s important right now. What’s important is that beautiful ladybug that rematerialized in its jar.

“I did it.  You didn’t think I could.  But you were wrong.”

I turn to the open closet, where a kid with spikey blond hair sits, tied up and gagged.  He’s a little younger than me, but that doesn’t gain him any sympathy.  His face is about as gaunt as Morgan’s, though he lacks her lips.  Must remember to feed him sometimes.

The kid glares at me.  His name is Jonah, but he’s more famous as the Firefly.  He tried to tell me over and over that I had the wrong guy, but, duh, not that hard to figure out.  What did he think, glasses instead of a mask and spiked hair instead of smooth, then we’d never see the similarities in his body and face?  Ridiculous.  My computer matched up about 100 points of similarities from pictures taken from my camera phone.  I’m not talking superscience to figure it out here.

There’s my first Ace excerpt.  Can you believe it’s almost 20K words away from that Evie excerpt?  Haha, makes me sound productive this week, but really most of it was written in the weekend before that first excerpt.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  I actually like one other Ace scene better than this one, but I was being true to the spirit of Teaser Tuesday and excerpted what I worked on this week.

Currently on iPod: CrushCrushCrush by Paramore

Speaking of music, I had a very Hero/Villain-y mix yesterday on my iPod, now that I’m in the “Cr”s.  I started my drive to work with Radiohead’s “Creep.”  Soooo Ace/Apollo.  Then the next song (naturally) was Darren Hayes’ “Creepin’ Up on You.”  Now I have to tell you, this song beats out “Every Breath You Take” as the #1 creepy romantic song.  It is freaky.  Of course the scary stalker song is going to Ace.  The very next song was Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.”  I’m not sure if this song is going to completely apply to the book.  I have considered Evie toying with her best friend’s emotions while she loves Ace/Apollo, and I’ve also considered Ace pretending to date another model to make Evie jealous, but I don’t know if “Criminal” quite works for it.  On the new iPod, I had Scissor Sisters playing at  work, which is always a delight.  “I Can’t Decide” (whether you should live or die) might work well for H/V, but I’m already using it happily on DownLoad’s soundtrack.  However, “Almost Sorry” is so Evie to Ace, it’s ridiculous.

Okay, I’m done talking about music, really. 

Lots of love,

8 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Ace, yay :D

  1. Lol wonderful snip. Your supervillain is rather intriguing. I don’t think I’ve loved a supervillain this much 😀 And lol at the firefly trying to use spiked hair and glasses to hide in plain sight! hahahaha! It’s so cool that you’re addressing this stupidity in your book

  2. I like this snippet, and your main character sounds really cool. I don’t read stories where the villain’s POV is featured, so this was really nice. I have a soft spot for villains, I have to admit. I want to know more.

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