Do the Write Thing Auction

Hey guys, sorry about missing a teaser this week.  I spent most of last week editing and betaing, so I didn’t have much to post.

But that’s not what’s important.  What’s important is this great auction hosted by Amanda K. Morgan, Victoria Schwab, and Myra McEntire.  I know you’ve heard about the floods in Tennessee.  Great areas of Nashville were underwater this week, and so many people without flood insurance have lost their homes and possessions.  These three authors teamed up to create an auction to raise money to help the flood victimes (donations go directly to via PayPal).  They’ve had authors and agents and even publishers donating items to the cause, and they are pretty awesome, let me tell you.  We’re talking something as simple as gloves meant to keep your hands warm while you’re typing all the way to critiques from authors, editors, and agents.  A lot of books are also being offered, some with critiques (on some pages of your manuscript), some with posters or mugs, one even comes with poundcake. 

There are three days of items being posted, and each day’s stuff has three days to be bid on.  And as the day goes on, they keep adding stuff.  One of the newer items they posted today was a copy of Hannah Moskowitz’s BREAK, signed and full of comments she’s written in there including “behind-the-scenes” tidbits (she’s also volunteered two query crits in today’s bunch, and I’ve heard that she may have other items on other days).  One is a half an hour call with an agent (there’s another call with the earlier items too).

This is pretty amazing for any author.

Or reader.  Hannah’s BREAK.  Two signed books from Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series.  There are some ARCs in there.  Books that come with other swag (posters, t-shirts, poundcake).  One “item” is three books and you get to name a character in the author’s next book.

And that’s just today.   Who knows what will be offered tomorrow?

So come join us in the fun in the Do the Write Thing for Nashville auction, and all the money goes right to flood victims.

Lots of love,

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