Request/Rejection Timing

I’ve decided I’m going to try to do a new themed weekly post.  This is probably going to fall on Thursdays, which I don’t think is a particularly post-heavy day from me.  Details on Thursday (which, incidently, is my birthday).

So for some reason, a question I see a lot on AW is “when is the best day of the week to query?” and “what day do agents respond?”  And overwhelmingly the “people who know” on AW will tell you that there’s no better day to query and no consistent day that will get a response.  And this is kinda true.  Obviously, not all agents are going to answer their queries on the same day.  They don’t do it the same way (some seem to respond right away as if they keep an eye on their inbox, some take ages as if all queries are in a queue and you have to wait your turn).  And I doubt that there’s any day that you can query that’s going to guarantee a quicker response or a more positive one.

That said, here’s what I noticed while querying Fireflies.


90% (this is an estimate, not a stat) of my requests came from the beginning of the work week.  Monday-Wednesday were where a majority of my requests came from.  And Tuesday was by far the day with the most requests.

Request rejections:

Almost all of the responses to requests that I’ve gotten so far have fallen on weekends  (including Friday).  I noticed this when I made a prediction on a certain Sunday that I was going to get good news, and my writer friends said, “Oh, it’s Sunday.  Give them until the work week,” and that exact day I received three rejections–two request rejections and one query rejection.  I started paying attention to when I was getting rejections.  Query rejections might come any day (I didn’t study when they came), but the fulls and partials seem to be falling on weekends.

I suppose this info makes sense.  Agents read requests outside of work hours, and weekends are the obvious time for this.  As for answering queries, that probably seems like a good thing to get out of the way at the beginning of the week, and Tuesday may be the most popular day because Monday is full of work that the agents received from their clients on the weekend.

As for when to send that query?  I don’t think there’s really any reason to worry about that.  It will get answered when it does and you can’t predict (unless you have dealt with that agent before and notice a pattern for them) when they’ll answer and in what order.

In music news, I am near the end of the Es, and can I say that the EVs were extraordinary (like the song I’m on).  “Evacuating London” and “Even If It Kills Me” made my cry the other day as they played one after the other (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack and Motion City Soundtrack, respectively).  Today I started with The Slip’s “Even Rats,” Sheryl Crow’s “Every Day is a Winding Road,” Avenue Q’s “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” (which followed Dr. Horrible‘s “Everyone’s a Hero” and was followed by “Everything You Ever Wanted,” but those are not my fave Dr. Horrible songs), Motion City Soundtrack’s “Everything is All Right,” and Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want.”  Those are my two favorite MCS songs, btw.

But currently on iPod: Extraordinary by Liz Phair

Lots of love,

5 thoughts on “Request/Rejection Timing

  1. I did an analysis of when agents responded to my queries and requests a while ago : I got the most responses on Wednesdays and Fridays. Fridays I can understand, as they’re clearing their inboxes at the end of a work-week, but Wednesdays? Seeing that you’ve got different trends, I figure my sample size just isn’t big enough 🙂

    Oddly, for the second novel I subbed to agents, 95% of my requests came on Fridays. It got to be where I didn’t want to check my email unless it was Friday!

  2. I noticed a trend with Tuesdays – if I sent a query on a Tuesday it usually came back that day with R or request. And my responses to requests (fulls/partial) were always out of work hours – weekends, 11pm, Christmas Eve.

    I don’t really think about when I send queries though. I just send them when they’re ready, because the sooner you get in the queue the sooner you get an answer.

  3. Very interesting stats!

    I’ll have to take a closer look at my query spreadsheet, but I also noticed that I received more requests on Monday through Wednesday. As for query rejections, I didn’t notice much of a trend on my end… I got them on weekends and on weekdays.

  4. Those are very interesting statistics, thanks for sharing! I’ll be querying in a month or two, I’ll try to do a little math myself and I’ll watch out for the weekends! 🙂

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