Lots of Love Thursdays

Happy birthday to meeeeee 😀

I’m starting a new segment.  Lots of Love Thursdays, where I talk about all the things I’ve loved in the last week.  Obviously from week to week, I’ll have some overlap, but that’s fine.  Here’s what I’ve loved this week:

  • Musers:  When I got all depressed about Fireflies and said I didn’t know what was wrong with it, they came at me en masse and asked to help crit it extensively (and they are)
  • My parents: They weren’t going to send me birthday presents because they’re paying for the Hawaii cruise at Christmas, but they sent me stuff anyway.
  • The postcard from Rome that came in their box: Completely made my day.  They told me I wasn’t as old as the Vatican but I was just as awesome and I attracted cats too.
  • This week’s Glee: Fun music, good plot together in one episode?  You can do it, writers, I knew you could
  • Listening to “The Power of Madonna” at work alone on Sunday: Nothing at work is better than dancing around the lab while singing along to Glee
  • My songs that start with “Ev”: see the last post
  • Nashville Auction: It’s lots of fun, though it’s also stressful and I’m sleep deprived because each auction ends at 1 a.m. EST.

If I wait a few hours, I could probably add a facial and a pedicure, plus ice cream and dinner at Romano’s to this list, but I want to post this now because I have a busy day full of the above things plus presents and writing.

I’m going to add notes onto my iPod as I go through the week so I can remember on Thursday all the things that make me happy.

Currently on iPod: Fall, Baby, Fall by Ryan Cabrera

Lots of love,



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