Teaser Tuesday 5/18/10

After a few weeks of no teasers, I finally broke past that stupid scene I hated, and moved on (with huge notes to fix it in revisions, lol).  So here I have NEW stuff.  Ace’s POV.  In case, you need catching up, Apollo is supposedly dead, but there’ve been enough hints for the reader to know that Apollo is probably now Ace.

Apollo was so weak.

I stare up into the blackness of my room, appreciating the sound of the fan overhead.  If it wasn’t for that, I might as well be in a blackhole.  No sight. No sound.  Just the story of Apollo.

The most badass thing he had done by the time he met Evie was stealing Dad’s copy of Superchemistry for Superscientists.  His dad didn’t notice.

Dad was setting up Pure East, getting it established as the local bottled water that everyone should drink.  He purified it in the plant and added the vitamins, but very few people were choosing Pure East over Aquafina or Evian.

By the way, Evian spelled backwards is Naïve.  Think about it.

At first, his dad worked out of the garage of their house, but once the factory got established and he was finally making money on Pure East instead of losing it–barely, but enough–he moved the supersciencistry into an unused room in the factory.

Apollo hardly ever saw his dad unless he visited the factory after that.  Dad was always there or trying to make contacts with the League or advertising Pure East of something.  Anything but spending time with his son.  Mom had left, so Apollo was left to do whatever he felt like.

Some–smarter–kids might have used this to their advantage.  Thrown parties, get laid, do drugs.  Not Goody-Two-Shoes Apollo.  He stupidly kept trying for Dad.  Trying to be good and smart and out of the way even as I begged Dad to pay attention to me.

Dad ignored him.

There it is.  Hope you enjoyed.

Currently on iPod: Feelin’ (Here to Infinity Remix) by Gloria Estefan

The “Feel” songs have been pretty good.  Today I heard: “Feel a Whole Lot Better” by Tom Petty, “Feel Good Drag” by Amberlin, “Feel Like Rain” by Motion City Soundtrack, “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good” by Nickelback, and the orginialy “Feelin'” by Gloria Estefan.  I’m not sure why the Nickelback song played before the Gloria songs, but oh well.

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday 5/18/10

  1. “By the way, Evian spelled backwards is Naïve. Think about it.” OMFG it is.
    I love the voice here. He sounds just bitter enough that you sympathize, and it’s intriguing to see his goodie-two-shoes background 🙂

  2. I find the idea of Apollo’s dad ignoring for spring water so sad… In a way the fact that his business is water makes it worse…

  3. ah, i remember the apollo story from some of FNW. The last line is so heartbreaking about him always trying, yet Dad never notices. You feel so bad for him. And how have I missed that Evian is naive spelled backwards! LOL I still so love the premise too.

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