Lots of love Thursday 2

It feels like it was just LoLT, and here we are again.  I wasn’t so diligent about keeping track as I said I was going to be, lol.

Incidently, you might notice that I sign posts (and e-mails) with “Lots of love.”   I’ve done that for quite a long time, more than a decade.  Back when I was on my first internet forum, I saw lots of people just randomly posting “LOL.”  I didn’t know what it meant, but it always seemed to be a positive response.  I decided that it meant “lots of love,” like people were sending “lots of love” for comments that they liked (like we might press “Like” for certain things now).  But then I saw someone use it some way that didn’t make sense, so I finally asked, and of  course I found out it meant “laugh out loud.”  I was so amused that I started using “lots of love” as my e-mail signature all the time.

I ramble on about this now because I don’t think I have that many things this week, so I’m filling up the post 😉

Things I loved this week:

  • Ella Enchanted (the book): I just read this this weekend for the first time.  I had seen the movie, which I really like, but this is practically a different entity from the movie.  Like two stories with the same basic concept.  I really liked it, so I downloaded Fairest, also by Gail Carson Levine, as an audiobook (which was a good choice because it was full of music).
  • Homestyle mac ‘n’ cheese by Kraft: Someone was talking about homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, and I don’t know how to make it, so I went to get Kraft’s mac ‘n’ cheese instead, and I saw they had a “homestyle” version now that basically looks the same.  I made it and it’s GREAT.  It only takes a couple minutes longer, actually, unless you bake it (and then only 5 minutes longer than that), which I did and is totally worth it.
  • Joss Whedon/Neil Patrick Harris/Glee: It was an excellent episode with excellent music. 
  • The Buffy thread on a forum I frequent: Speaking of Joss, one of my friends is watching Buffy for the first time and she’s on season 5, which is my favorite 😀  I love watching her reaction to things.
  • Justin (Voice Game version): He’s a character in Love Sucks, but he’s a real creep there.  However, I brought him into a RPG (we call it the Voice Game, in case I mention it again) and basically the path he went down there led him from being as sleazy as in LS.  He’s such a complicated character, and his life has really sucked.  What I love best about playing him is that he’s gradually started trying harder to be a better person now that he feels like people actually care about him, but he doesn’t always try to do the right thing.  The other characters are always torturing themselves about trying to do the right thing even when it hurts him, but sometimes he just won’t do it.  I loved him this week because he saw his boyfriend kiss another boy and ran off to destroy a hotel room where his uncle once beat him. 

That’s really it for this week, as far as I can remember.  Next week I’ll try to remember to write things down as I go.

Currently on iPod: Fly Like an Eagle by Seal

Lots of love,


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