Teaser Tuesday – 5/25/10

This one comes shortly after the last one, so we’re still with Ace telling us a story about Apollo (who he used to be).

Apollo also wasn’t really looking to get into a life of crime.  Ironic, I know, considering where I am now, but really all he wanted was to borrow the book and look inside for a bit.  A single spell–I mean, formula–was all he wanted.  Something that would make him more visible to his dad that didn’t require holding up a bank or screaming “Fire” in the middle of the lab.  Something so subtle that Dr. Easton would notice and not even realize anything was different.  Some way to make it the most natural thing in the world.  That was all Apollo wanted.  Not so much to ask.

He sat at the bottom of a set of stairs that led up to his dad’s personal office and started reading.

“A formula to increase strength.”

No, not right.

“A formula to improve the visual appeal of an object.”

Or a person?  He considered this, but discarded it.  What good was making yourself more handsome if nobody looked at you?

“A formula to make pests disappear.”

He shuddered, thinking of pests in the annoying son sense, rather than insects and rodents.  What if someone had used that on him when he was little?

“Fuel for a hyper-reactor.”

He didn’t know what a hyper-reactor was, but he was certain he didn’t need fuel for one.

He went through the book slowly.  No matter what he read–a chemical compound that created obedience, the formula to fix a broken heart, and so on–nothing was quite right.  And the more he read the more he felt like it really was a spell book instead of a chemistry book.  He looked up expecting to see Professor Snape in front of him.

Instead a blonde girl peered her face over the edge of the book.  “What are you reading?”

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14 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – 5/25/10

  1. I feel bad for Apollo. I don’t think I should, but I still do. He actually sounds quite loveable, and this teaser showed that. I liked the touches of humor you had in this snippet.

    Great tease!

  2. Ditto on the Snape ref and loved how he keeps discarding the different formulas and questioning things in general. Great mood and voice in this 😀

  3. Ditto on the Snape reference and I agree with Remilda, I kinda feel sorry for him too. 🙂 Great tease and I’m loving the voice!

  4. Aw poor Apollo. I also love the voice here and the creative use of different POVS (a POV within a POV? Ace is telling the story after all, which makes things interesting considering they’re one in the same).

    Clearly awesome :D!

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