Teaser Tuesday – Happy June

Well, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.  I spent it working, but that’s fine because I’m going to have a four-day weekend starting Thursday, and I still got to go to Marcon this past weekend.

I was really bad at blogging this week, and I apologize for that.  I didn’t even do Lots of Love Thursday, but it was hard to feel the love when I was having such a bad day (an example of badness that day: my work computer got a virus ten seconds before I shut it down and I couldn’t fix it before it infected the computer 😦 )

But, despite the virus (which is still not taken care of), I’m in a better mood now.  Some combo of Marcon, working while in a Borders cafe yesterday, new books (and new Doctor Who and readaholic t-shirts) and my two full requests for AFTRLYF <snuggles AFTRLYF> that came in yesterday has lifted my spirits.

But you’re not here for that.  You’re here for a teaser.  This comes almost immediately after the last teaser.  For those just tuning in, Ace is telling the story of how Apollo (himself before he went supervillain-y) met Evie.

“What are you reading?”

He blinked at her.  Not only did she apparently see him, but she was talking to him too.  He had a hard enough time talking to his dad, much less with girls.

“A-A chemistry book,” he stammered.  He folded over the corner of the page he was on–a chemical composition that would create a specific response in someone at a visual cue–and set the book down.

“Ugh.”  She made a face.  “I hate chemistry.”

He was beginning to wonder if he should pinch himself or maybe check the bottle of water he had been drinking for hallucinogens.

“I’m Evie,” she said, sitting on the stairs next to him.  “Well, like, Evangeline, but everyone calls me Evie.”

“Apollo,” he said, finding his voice.

“Like the god?”

He nodded.  “My mom was really into the Greco-Roman mythology, so she named me after the sun god.”

Evie looked slightly interested, so he rambled on.  “He also was god of music and poetry, and he was the god behind the Oracle of Delphi.  The laurel tree is sacred to him because he fell in love with a nymph who Cupid made him love, but Cupid made her hate him, and she prayed to be turned into a tree to escape him.”

He hoped she was staring at him with such interest because she liked the story and not because she was wondering why he wouldn’t shut up.

“Apollo is Apollo in both Greek myths and Roman ones.  Usually there’s different names for the similar gods, but the Romans used the same guy.  His sister, Artemis, though, was Diana in Rome.”

“I know Artemis,” she said quickly.  “She kicks ass.”  She leaned back so she was resting on her elbows on the next step up and she was gazing at the ceiling.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.  It suddenly occurred to Apollo that teenage girls probably shouldn’t be running around the top-secret superscience laboratory in the back of a bottled water factory.

Hope you enjoyed.

Currently on old iPod: God Only Knows by the Beach Boys

Lots of love,


14 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Happy June

      • I understand. Well my name is BC and I’m your father…Your mother and I had you shipped from a small island off the coast of Kentucky. We paid good money for you and now you forget us. See if we leave you anything in the will.


  1. Oh, yeah, I’m loving the last line 🙂 And I really like the third person POV – you write it so effortlessly.

    Weirdly, I was just listening to God Only Knows in my car (flying back home with the grocery’s in the rain) 🙂

    And whoo hoo for the fulls! GL x Naomi (drummergirl)

  2. This was funny. I love Apollo/Ace’s voice. It’s so natural and flowing. Evie sounds cools and interest and she sounds like a character I could relate to (and not only because she dislikes chemistry too!). I’m glad you’re in a better mood and things have been looking up!

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