Teaser Tuesday – Heroes and Villains

Almost forgot it was Tuesday.  My work schedule is crazy lately.  But I remembered in time, so here’s my teaser.

Context: Evie’s been kicked out of the superheroes’ League, which automatically brands her as a villain.  She’s studying to get back in.

I decide to take a break from the rules and try to go over the heroes and villains again.  Every day I try to write up a list and give a little description, and every day I look up the current list on my phone, which has been hooked back up to the League’s system.

I write the supers down as I think of them onto two lists.  Heroes.  And villains.


The Cheetah

Powers: Super speed and agility

The Hummingbird

Powers: Flies much like a hummingbird does, flitting from place to place with lots of speed

The Hyena

Powers: Can make people laugh at will.  Stops villains breathless with laughter, keeps sneaksters from being sneaky, and great at breaking tension at parties

The Coyote

Powers: Transforms into a canine form, giving him greater speed and natural weapons (mainly teeth)

The Tortoise

Powers: Natural body armor

The Owl

Powers: Super-high learning curve (aka know-it-all).  Does not fly.

The Phoenix

Powers: Can make fire appear at will in her hands.  Unknown if she reincarnates at death.  Does not fly.

The Eagle

Powers: Flight


The Chameleon

Best known for: Being a kickass superheroine.  Let her back in, kay?  It’s a total mistake that she’s on this list.

The Prairie Dog

Best known for: Digging his way into jewelry stores for robberies after hours.  Throws mud that will stick to you and can detain you with it.

The Panther

Best known for: Being the Cheetah’s arch-nemesis.  They say they’re two sides of the same coin.  Both run super fast and nimble.  Covered the city in cats as a distraction for a robbery last year.

The Kangaroo

Best known for: Fighting the police and heroes to prove she’s most powerful.  A nuisance, but nothing specifically villainous.  Can jump crazy high.

The Grizzly

Best known for: Being very old, very hairy, and running around naked a lot.  (Gross.)  Knives are embedded in his fingers.  Pulled off the Luther Diamond heist last year.

Black Cat

Best known for: Not much is known about him.  He’s been implicated in hiring petty thieves for minor crimes a lot, but there’s no pattern to this.  It’s rumored he can go invisible.  Rumors that he’s related to Panther seem to be unfounded.


Best known for: Being all out werewolf at will.  Enjoys killing children in his wolf form.

The Rattlesnake

Best known for: Ability to hypnotize his victims.  Very big in the poisoning department.  He has a scaly skin cover that protects him to some extent from attacks

The Firefly

Best known for: Teleportation abilities.  Was a superhero until recently when he went AWOL.  Whereabouts and plan unknown.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Lots of love,

15 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Heroes and Villains

  1. Loved this. But I think you’re missing the science dude, the main villian? I seem to remember him mentioned a while back. Or maybe I’m mistaken. Anyways, loved this. Hahahaha! Especially the bit where she writes about herself — “Being a kickass superheroine. Let her back in, kay? It’s a total mistake that she’s on this list.” Lol funny!

  2. Hey there! THANK YOU for your comment on my blog post 😀 Glad you enjoyed all the pitch resources/links/thingers.

    Also, fireflies in real life can so teleport, haha.

  3. Man, these powers are freakin’ sweet! My faves: Hyena and Rattlesnake. These are so original, I’m loving it! Is it weird if I want to be part of either of these leagues? 😛

  4. Black Cat reminds me of Macavity. Makes me want to break into song. 🙂 I want to read this whole book, are you finished with it?

    • Haha, I’m glad you caught that. I had a few heroes and villains already, and all but one (Firefly used to be called Blink) were named after animals, so I decided all heroes and villains in this world would have animal names

  5. I enjoyed the descriptions of the villains and super heroes. The fact that they’re all based off of animals reminds me of the one time I made up a game where the heroes and villains were based off of gemstones. lol, I was a weird child.

    The hyena is also my favorite. I love Evie’s voice; she sounds like such a great character. From these descriptions, I can tell you have a very diverse and unique cast, which is always a great thing. Nothing more annoying than having a book filled with the same personalities under different names.

    Awesome tease!

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