Okay, it’s not quite summer yet, but what it is time for is for most TV seasons to go on break.  At least most of what I watch is.  Bye, Glee, bye, Chuck, bye, Castle, bye, Parenthood, even bye to American Idol (which was not as exciting this year as last year when Adam Lambert was on (did I mention I shared a stage with him when I was in high school?).  I’m left with Doctor Who (yay), Merlin (which I’m only sorta watching…), and Dance Your Ass Off, when I happen to remember it (don’t judge, I’m trying to lose weight and it’s more interesting to me than Biggest Loser).

When TV goes on break, you can start finding me in the sunroom more often at night.  I love my sunroom, but it’s hard to use it in the winter (even though I made it gorgeous with Christmas decorations).  Summer is great for it, though.  When the sun goes down, the fireflies surround the room.  At night, it cools down and feels so nice.  Right now we have a bunch of thunderstorms, which are great to watch from the sunroom, if not a little scary in there ;).

And I get a lot of writing down.  Which is how I ended up finally breaking out of my funk last year and writing (and finishing) Trouble.

I can actually write okay while watching TV.  Just yesterday I wrote a bunch during the World Cup game I had on.  But some shows I want to focus on (Glee and Doctor Who, for example), and some shows are just too distracting to write during (anything Roomie watches that I don’t like, for example–you would think I would write more during them, but, no).

So, I’m excited to be in the 2nd half of Hero/Villain, heading towards the climax and out of my writer’s block of last month, and about to hit a time when I know I’ll lock myself into the sunroom and be productive.

Of course, I still envy students and teachers who find themselves free from work during this time.  Still gotta put in that 40-hour week (this week 42 hours, but anyway), but outside of it, I predict some good writing coming up.

Currently on iPod: Hangin’ Around with You by Kristin Chenowith and Jason Alexander

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. yay for Doctor Who and also for being over half-way with H/V 🙂

    I am impressed how much writing you get done while still putting in 42 hours!


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