Teaser Tuesday – Creepy, creepy Ace

Here’s Ace being a creepster.  He sent Evie out to capture another supervillain so that he could sneak into her room and look for the ring she took (from goons he hired to steal it from Apollo’s grave) in scene 1.

It’s my first time in a girl’s bedroom.  It’s messier than I expected.  Her bed isn’t made and has books littered all over it.  She’s thrown a school uniform on the back of the desk chair.  Her desk and dresser are cluttered with stuff.  Her bookcase has a layer of dust you could make a “snow angel” in if you had the ability to shrink.  Which she does….

Are all girls messy like this?  Weird.  I thought them neater.

Keeping an ear towards the door to hear if her parents come near, I drop my invisibility.  It makes me feel powerful.  Here, in not just any superhero’s room, but the Chameleon’s.  Evie’s.  I could do anything.  Sabotage her superhero stuff.  Look for a diary.  Steal a t-shirt that smells like her.  Anything.

But, eye on the prize, Ace.  I have a ring to find.

I start at her dresser.  She has all sorts of jewelry on top of it, mostly earrings, but she doesn’t have my ring.

Next stop, the desk.  I resist the urge to search her computer for any mention of me.  Maybe she e-mailed a friend about how cute I am.  Sure, she’s not tweeting about me, but I could be e-mail-worthy.  But, no, this is not the time.  I shift things around, looking for a ring hidden under papers or behind the pencil holder.  Nothing.

Well, not nothing.  My hand hits a bright blue water bottle as I shuffle some books from one side to another.  Water bottle.  This is how she’s escaping my drug.  She’s not drinking Pure East.  She’s bottling it herself.  Dammit.  Doesn’t she know I’m doing this for her?

I definitely have the perfect song for this scene.  It’s Darren Hayes’ “Creepin’ Up on You.”  Darren used to be part of Savage Garden, but when he went solo, his songs kinda started getting creepy.  This one beats out “Every Breath You Take” as the most stalkerish song ever.


Currently on iPod: A Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles

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14 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Creepy, creepy Ace

  1. I’m totally pulled into this superhero world with this scene. Love all the references to powers and special abilities.

  2. I love the voice, and definitely love the description of her room! Not all girls are messy, but we’re not all neat either! I think my room’s proof enough of that… =D

  3. Definitely getting the creepiness vibe! But I still sort of like him <.< Also, wait, Apollo's grave? Isn't Ace Apollo? Did he fake his own death when he went supervillain?

  4. I love this line: “Her bookcase has a layer of dust you could make a “snow angel” in if you had the ability to shrink. Which she does….”

  5. As has been said, I loved the description of the room. I lived on a co-ed floor in rez, and by far had the messiest room 😛 The voice in this is great. I love that he thinks about what she thinks of him, like with the e-mail. Awesome tease!

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