Teaser Tuesday – Panther vs. Chameleon

So this week I discovered the most useful blog post I’ve written is the one where I teased with Evie’s list of heroes and villains.  When I got to this scene and said, “Is the Cheetah’s nemesis ‘The Panther’ or ‘The Jaguar’?” I could go to the blog and look it up way more easily than searching through my novel for the answer.

And here’s why I needed to know that.  Evie’s just seen the Cheetah.

I dive into the bushes by the front door before the Cheetah gets close enough to see me.  Danny stares at the bush where I disappeared, probably thinking that I’m hiding, although I don’t think he’s seen the Cheetah yet, but instead I transform into the Panther away from prying eyes.  As soon as I’m done, I’m out of the bushes like a shot.  Or at least like a high-speed supercat.

Both the Cheetah and the Panther run on two legs.  Since the Panther’s speed is a physical ability, I do pretty well at keeping up with the Cheetah, but my lack of training at this speed wears on me pretty quickly.  My legs are burning, as are my lungs.  I can’t keep this up long.  Thanks to the time it took me to hide and transform, he got ahead of me, but not by much.  I’m a mere ten feet away from his back.  I just need something to close the distance between us.

If I was a real cat, I’d pounce on him.

Oh, what the hell.

I dig in my legs and spring forward, hitting his back and propelling us into the ground together.  He twists around midair and knocks both arms into my face.  Owwww.

And here’s where my plan really fails.  Being the Panther was a great way to catch up to the Cheetah, but now he only sees his arch-nemesis.  Not good.

He springs to his feet as soon as we hit the ground.  Very nice.  I fumble my would-be cat-like grace.  He comes at me, fist cocked to take me out.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”  I transform into the Chameleon, and he drops his arm.  “It’s me, sorry.”

“How do I know it’s you?”  He raises his fist again.

“Process of elimination, genius.  Which is more likely?  The shapeshifter looked like your nemesis, or your nemesis looks like the shapeshifter?”

My current old iPod song is the same as the last one (been listening to my new music playlist a lot, plus audiobooks), but on the other iPod, I’m listening to: Smoke and Mirrors by Lifehouse

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Panther vs. Chameleon

  1. I love the pace in this tease. Everything is all bam, bam, BAM!

    Has me hooked and my adrenaline is pumping.

    Eeep, what an ending to that tease!

  2. Too hot to process most things today, but I was able to follow this just fine. Thanks for the action scene, to give my brain something to track easily!

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