Teaser Tuesday – A Tank of Firefly Fuel

Today I have a doctor’s appointment.  Boo.  It’s like the least fun doctor’s appointment a girl can have, yeah.  Anyway, the good news is that since it’s across town, I’m going to leave early and hang out at the Panera near the office, so I don’t have to worry about getting there on time.  And since I’m at Panera, I might as well write.

Then tomorrow, which is another day off (I have a weird schedule this month), I’m going to go to my FAVORITE WRITING PLACE, which is quite far, and spend the day there.  Yeah, this is basically where I took my mini-writing vacation in April.

So I anticipate having many scenes to choose from for next week’s teaser.

For now, I give you the beginning of the Ace scene I’m currently working on. (Thank goodness, I finally got out of Evie’s POV.)

In case you missed the memos: Ace is a supervillain, his dad is a superscientist who’s creating a teleportation device, and Firefly is a superhero who can teleport and whose blood Ace has been draining to create fuel for the teleporter.

Everyone but the receptionist and Dad should be at lunch right now.  And Dad’s probably at lunch too, just with the mayor, if he’s lucky.  So sneaking in the back way to the factory is a cinch.  Even if I wasn’t invisible, which I am.

The hard part is making the tank invisible.  I have it tucked under my jacket, which for whatever reason always invisiblizes when I do.  It’s a word.  I’m making it a word.  I tuck it under and the tank stays invisible too.  But it’s awkward to move like this–bent over the metal tank, pressing its cold side into my stomach and pulling my jacket around it, while concentrating on staying invisible–so I have to back up to the door, slide my key card in while balancing the tank with one hand and my knee, then press my back into the door until it opens.  I back myself into the room and then turn around, making sure nobody is in here.

Luckily, the lab is empty because the door shuts with a click that seems too loud at the moment.  I don’t know why I’m so nervous.  I’ve been jumpy since last night, I guess.  I had to go out for a walk after dealing with the Firefly’s lip, and I don’t even remember the stupid walk.

I felt a little better when I got back and he was passed out in the closet.  I took the tank of Firefly fuel, or F2 as I’m calling it, locked all my junk up from prying housekeeping eyes, and, well, here I am.

Hope you enjoy.

Currently on iPod: Heavenly by Seal

Lots of love,



7 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – A Tank of Firefly Fuel

  1. This is the wip of the girl who wants to replace her mad scientist father?

    Still loving her voice, geeky with an edge of power lust. Or am I wrong…

  2. Booo to doctors appointment but YAY to visiting your favourite writing place!

    This tease was brilliant and hilarious! Had me smiling throughout! I adore her voice and so many great one liners!

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