Sometimes you just need a Double Rainbow

I didn’t tease today (yesterday) because the last week hasn’t been very good and finding motivation to write was pretty hard.  But tomorrow I’m hitting my favorite cafe and hoping for a writing boost. 😀

I was working in the lab with someone on Saturday–that’s pretty rare–and she likes the local pop station A LOT, so we listened to that.  The morning show (I hadn’t known there was a morning show on Saturday, boo, I don’t like them) played this double rainbow guy, and then clips from the songs people have remixed out of them. Basically, this guy has this great almost religious experience about this double rainbow he sees.  (The original is here:

This particular remix really cheers me up, so here it is:

Yay, I think I figured out how to do that, lol.  It’s my first time.

I might have to forgo teasers for the rest of the book, sadly.  I’m getting into spoilerland here.  I mean, lots of people know a big twist in the book already, but still.

Currently on iPod: Hey You by Shakira

Lots of love,

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