Woo, Get Ready for Some News

Yay, I’ve finished the important goal.  The first draft of Hero/Villain is done.  Don’t worry.  I’ll still tease on Tuesday.  I’ve got a cute little Ace teaser.

So on Wednesday, I started out with 42.4K.  I knew that it and Thursday were my last days off before I fly out to LA this upcoming Thursday, so I wanted to get as much as possible done.  I went to my favorite cafe (where I hung out most of the time during my mini-writing vacation in April) and shot for 6K.  I made it and kept going.

Yesterday (Saturday) when I finished during a break at work, I had 58K and the book was done.  This was about 16K in three and a half days.

I started the book with 16K in my three and a half day writing vacation.  I see a theme here.

Clearly the theme is that I was just as enthralled by the book at the end as I was in the beginning, lol.  Too bad about that middle.  Nah, there are lots of places in the middle where I love it, but I let other things distract me, and didn’t commit myself to writing as much (I’m actually a slow writer, I just get committed to it when I’m on a roll).

And the best part is, I still love this book.  I love Evie and Ace just as much now.

Now I have to go add some scenes in, and then I can edit like crazy on the plane to LA.  Woooohoooo.

Currently on new iPod (old one is the same): Secret by The Pierces

Lots of love,


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