Teaser Tuesday – Ace in Pain

So this week I finished Hero/Villain.  I wrote about 16K, so there were lots of scenes to choose from… except for the spoilery ones.

Here’s the sitch:  Ace has just woken up and found himself locked in Evie’s room.  He’s pretty sure she trapped him there somehow.

I grab the bath towel hanging over the curtain rod and wrap it around my elbow, then send my elbow sailing towards the bedroom windowpane.  Crash.  The glass shatters out from its frame, and the alarms go off, but I’m free to jump out the window.  Only… I take a deep breath.  It’s a long way down from the second floor.

There’s running and shouting outside the door.  It’s now or never, Ace.  I jump.

Like the black cat I’m named for, I land on my feet, but my ankle twists awkwardly, and I fall forward.  I just barely throw my arms up in front of my face to protect it before it hits the glass-strewn grass below what’s left of Evie’s window.

I’m invisible, but I know I have to move before someone comes down to investigate and trips over me.  I get up, and swear from the pain in my ankle.  Dammit, did I sprain it or is it a break?  This is so not the night for me to do this shit.

I have to get home somehow.  I crawl over to the tree and sit against it, feeling my ankle.  I can’t see it, so no way to know if it’s discolored, but it’s totally swelling.  I take off my shoe, which relieves a bit of the pain.

Evie’s dad, I assume, pokes his head out the window and looks down at me.  For one moment, staring up at him, I feel like a naughty son who’s been caught.  Does he see me?  It’s hard to see the stare-through when I’m so far away.  But, no, his eyes keep scanning the backyard for the perpetrator.

I. Need. To. Get. Out. Of. Here.

I crawl across the muddy grass, careful of glass, until I get to the fence.  I use that to help me stand up and limp to the gate.  I just need to get out before her parents find me.  If I’m off the property, I can be basically a blob in hiding, invisible.  They’ll comb the backyard and run into me, but if I’m invisible off the premises, the search will be less intense, and they’ll have no reason to look wherever I’m at.

Finding the latch on the gate, I push it open and hobble through.  I follow the line of the fence over to the neighbor’s property, then keep a hand on the wall, the garage door, the wall again, their fence, over to the next house’s fence, and finally where their house meets their fence, I sink down against the corner and tuck my head between my knees.

I focus on breathing steadily and ignoring the pain.  I hear shouting, Evie’s parents.  Her dad is in the street out front now.  He’s shouting for her.  I cover my ears.  In and out, in and out, don’t think about the pain, don’t think about the trap.

Hope you enjoy.  I don’t know if I’ll have any more teasers up from H/V.  This is definitely the last chronologically I can probably put up.

Currently on new iPod: Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy (a H/V song)

Lots of love,


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