Lots of love Thursday 7/29/10

Hey, back by popular demand, here’s this week’s Lots of Love Thursday.

  • Right now I am on vacation, woo
  • I get to hang with the musers in person, as well as lots of other writers at SCBWI LA
  • I get to see my parents on Tuesday (sagelikethesister maybe on Monday since she can’t come on Tuesday, boo)
  • Southern California weather 🙂
  • I met with a personal trainer on Saturday.  First of all, I love him.  Second of all, I signed up for PT sessions, which are going to help me get in shape and eat right, woo
  • I dyed my hair with red streaks.  I love it 🙂
  • Doctor Who season finale was this weekend, and it was a good episode.  Funnier than most finales, though I think that made the stakes seem lower (even though they should have been pretty high).
  • I kept asking people at work what music they wanted to listen to (even though I was the only person in the lab full time) and coworker #2 who was in there the 2nd most kept telling me to play anything.  Yesterday I played the Beach Boys for summer and SoCal.  She came in and worked for a while, then when the album was over and I asked what she wanted, she said that was making her fall asleep, could we listen to the radio (which, btw, she has put on the easy-listening station for the past two weeks because she decided that her favorite pop station is playing too much Lady Gaga, who she hates). I switch to the radio just as they say, “And here’s The Beach Boys with ‘Kokomo.'”  I don’t know, this cracked me up for the rest of the day.
  • I finished Hero/Villain this week, woohoo.  Along with that comes:
  1. 16K in a four days
  2. A writing high that continued even after I finished (I just wanted to work on H/V some more)
  3. I’m rereading it now and I still love it.
  4. The playlist is shaping up and I love it too.

Flying is excellent writing time, so we’ll see how much I get done.  Could it be betable in August?  Maybe.  Hope I can find a bunch of readers that don’t know the big plot twist (my usual betas do know it, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of those).

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Neither iPod is different from yesterday.

Lots of love,

3 thoughts on “Lots of love Thursday 7/29/10

  1. Wow, lots of stuff done lately. I want to see your hair!! If you need a beta I will probably be done with my MS in mid-august and would be available to do a read then. Contact me at xxxxxxx@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

    (Sage: I edited out the e-mail)

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