Hero/Villain Soundtrack

Okay, I’m 99% sure this is what Hero/Villain’s soundtrack will look like.

Now I should let you know how I do soundtracks.  There are months of auditioning songs.  Of course, at first there are songs that hit me right away as being right for the soundtrack.  Usually songs that inspire the novel or character themes.  In this case, Keeps Getting Better, Villains, and My Eyes were the first contenders.  I start listening to music on my iPod or the radio with an ear for the plot and characters.  Sometimes I hear a song at the beginning that I don’t write down that suddenly much later I go, “OMG, I forgot that one” (Sugar was one).  At some point I’ll want to listen to one song an artist does so I’ll listen to everything I have from them, and then, magically, every song on that album seems to work for the plot…sometimes all in the same place (Maroon 5).  I limit my soundtracks to three songs from one artist at most.  Usually I can find other songs that work as well, or maybe better.  As the story comes together and I listen more and more to the songs, I start finding places for the songs to go chronologically, plus an opening theme, closing theme, and character themes.  There’s always two songs the vie for a spot, and either I have to make the difficult decision between them (often I love one more than the other, but the other works better; or they represent two aspects of the same scene) or I find another spot that works for one of them.  Sometimes a song could go in two different locations (see last sentence).  Sometimes I realize a song doesn’t work as well as I had thought it did.  But often a lot of songs that I chose at the beginning are there until the end (Alone, Capital H, Almost Sorry, and I’m a Super Girl have all been there since before I was writing the novel), and many songs are just so perfect for the scene or characters that I want to bounce around with excitement when they come on.  After listening over and over again to the playlist, sometimes changing the order of songs several times in a day, I usually finish the playlist for good.

Then change it within a week.

But this has already gotten past that stage.  The only song I’d like to replace is Don’t Stop the Music.

Now I suppose it’s possible to glean some spoilery information from this playlist.  If you’re worried about it, don’t read.  But I think the playlist only really makes sense if you know the novel.

So without further ado, here’s the soundtrack.

1. Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy (opening theme)
2. Keeps Getting Better – Christian Aguilera (Evie’s theme)
3. Disappear – Motion City Soundtrack (Ace/Apollo’s theme)
4. Hero – Verve Pipe
5. Alright With Me – Kris Allen (Danny’s theme)
6. Alone – Kristin Chenowith and Matthew Morrison
7. “The Take Over, the Break’s Over” – Fall Out Boy
8. Capital H – Motion City Soundtrack
9. Don’t Stop the Music – Rhianna
10. Creepin’ Up on You – Darren Hayes
11. My Eyes – Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day
12. Villains – The Verve Pipe
13. Can’t Stop – Maroon 5
14. Psycho – Puddle of Mudd
15. Almost Sorry – Scissor Sisters
16. Coyotes – Jason Mraz
17. Wrecking Ball – Lifehouse (Ace’s climax theme)
18. I’m a Super Girl – Shonen Knife (Evie’s climax theme)
19. Ghost – Indigo Girls
20. Wake Up Call – Maroon 5
21. Hero – Chad Kroger (closing theme)

BTW, creepiest songs ever on this soundtrack.  Seriously.  Forget every song you thought was stalkerish and listen to Creepin’ Up on You.  Like Wake Up Call wasn’t disturbing enough.

And, before you accuse me of putting every “Hero” song I own on the playlist, I can tell you that’d be an incorrect assumption on your part 😉  Having just listened to the H songs on my iPod, I know that I also have Hero by Enrique Inglesias, Heroes by David Bowie, The Hero of Canton from Firefly, and Heroes and Villains by The Beach Boys.  All which didn’t fit with the story, fine songs though they are.

All right, time to get back to editing.  Hope you love this soundtrack like I do.

Currently on new iPod: Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera (guess which playlist I’m listening to)

Lots of love,

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