Beta Time

I finished editing Hero/Villain (for now) and have sent off to some betas.  Maybe this means I’ll have time to blog now, lol.  I’ve been pretty Hero/Villain intense for the past month, let me tell you.  It’s weird to sit back and relax.

Soon, I’ll be working on making Fireflies YA, though.  But I want to wait until after I read Mockingjay 😉

Instantly after sending out to betas, I was seized with the fear that the novel sucks.  Or at least certain scenes.  OMG, is that one too melodramatic?  OMG, what if Evie’s reasoning here is out of left field?  OMG, what if I didn’t do the romance element right?  Yeah, my day is full of OMGing.

My fears about the novel, especially the ending, are made more complicated by the fact that about two days before reaching the end of my edits, I came up with an alternate ending.  I still love the original, but I’m afraid it might not be acceptable for YA (according to a few agents I asked), and this new ending doesn’t end all happily ever after, but it isn’t as depressing either.  Still I do love the first ending.  So what I did was split my betas and gave some of them the new ending and some the old ending.  But because the new ending is so… new, I don’t feel very confident about it.

So, yeah, I’m a teeny bit nervous.  (But I want my betas to be tough, no slacking)

Nervous or not, I’m excited to hear from the betas.  But I know that won’t be for a while, so time to work on Fireflies

Currently on iPod: I’m into Something Good by Herman’s Hermits

Lots of love,

One thought on “Beta Time

  1. Sending out a manuscript, whether it’s to agents, betas or my mom, is the most terrifying part of writing a novel, IMO. Just breathe! And congrats on finishing this round of edits 🙂

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