Surprise teaser

I added a few scenes to H/V this week, and one actually isn’t that spoilery.  So here it is.
Context: Evie and Danny have had a fight and he was flirting with another girl who Evie has nicknamed Kitten Girl.  Evie’s shapeshifted into a guy to figure out what’s going on.

Okay, this guy is hunky enough for Hollywood, but today he’s just going to be a normal high school student who somehow hasn’t been noticed by every girl at this school.

When I turn back towards Kitten Girl’s locker, though, lots of heads turn my way.  I force myself not to blush.  It’s really weird to be checked out by girls.  I don’t usually transform into a guy if I can help it.

I lean against the lockers beside Kitten Girl’s just as she’s putting the gloss back and shutting the door.

“Hey,” I say, my voice oddly low and gravelly.

She startles, like she didn’t hear me until then.  “Hi.”  She gives me a shy smile… not too different from the one she gave Danny.  Score.  Maybe she does that with all the boys.  It doesn’t mean anything then, right?

Well, I guess it depends on the boy receiving it.

When I don’t say anything more, she asks, “Did you want something?”

“Right.”  Smooth move, Taylor Lautner.  “I was wondering if you could point the way to the administration building.  I’m supposed to meet with the counselor or something.”  Shy girls like bad boys, right?  Maybe she’ll think I’m one.  Or maybe she’ll think I’m a nerd and working on college app stuff.  Not that you have to be a nerd for that, I just want to have my bases covered.

She points to the building right next to her locker.  “Right here?”  She makes it sound like a question, but it’s not sarcastic like if it was coming out of my mouth.  More like she’s not sure she understood my question since the answer was so simple.

Hope you enjoyed.  Off to read Mockingjay.

Currently on new iPod: Still Alive by GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton (from the game Portal)

Lots of love,

6 thoughts on “Surprise teaser

  1. Okay, how shallow am I that if I could shapeshift into a guy, I’d spend the first few hours locked in my room “testing out the equipment?” Such a great way for her to sneakily see how much is going on between them, but I bet Danny’d be pissed to find out. . .

  2. Nice tease. Definitely left me wanting more, especially with the set up you gave us. Hope you post more off of this. Cool power that Evie has. And I do like me some power stories 🙂

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