Inviso-Boys are from Mars, Angels are from Venus

So the classic superpowers argument is “Would you choose flight or invisibility?”

Me?  I would choose flight.  When I was a kid, I’d close my eyes and imagine wings sprouting right from my shoulder blades.  But what do I give my characters?

Well for the most part it depends.  Is the character a boy or a girl?  When I started writing Hero/Villain, one of my first thoughts was, “Why do I keep making my boys invisible?”  Actually Evie and Ace are great examples of my tendency to make boys invisible and girls fly.



I used to be invisible.  Only now I literally am.

Ace is a supervillain whose sole power is invisibility.  Pre-accident, Apollo only felt invisible.  He was ignored mostly by his dad, and he was shy and awkward so he didn’t really let himself get noticed by other people either.  Post-accident, Ace found he could turn himself invisible at will.  It comes in handy when you’re spying on the girl you like or stealing tanks of teleporter fuel.


She pointed to the sandwich.  “There’s sandwich makings, there’s leftover crust on the plate.  Are you telling me you didn’t eat a sandwich?”

“No, it was the boy.”

“What boy?”

I looked at him.  There he was, clear as day, but Mom was acting like he wasn’t here.  And… I didn’t even know his name.

“Trouble,” he said.

Trouble is the spirit of trouble.  He was sent to Earth to find a human who can see him and bind himself to her (like magical handcuffs).  And this is how Bex comes to be the only one who can see him.

“Oh, but wait,” you might say (if you beta read the book), “Bex also gets to be invisible when she goes to Trouble’s world.”  This is true.  However, Bex gets to be seen all over the place.  She meets another spirit who happens to see her and later faces spirits who have basically cast a spell so that they can all see her, plus Trouble’s dad–the antagonist–can see her and she can see him.  So I do let her go invisible, but it’s lame invisibility.


“So, Mr. Inviso-Assassin.  Do you have a name?”

“I am not invisible.”

“Not Invisible, huh?  That’s an odd name.”  For a moment he thought she had really misunderstood, but then she added, “So, like, I’m Kristie, and you are…?”


“D. L.  That’s almost as dumb as Not Invisible.  Is that like your code name?”

DL is not invisible at all, but Kristie, the other MC, can’t see him, so from her POV he is.  Why is he invisible to her?  Well, that’d be telling 😉  In some ways, DL and Trouble are mirror images of each other, and this is one of those.  Trouble can only be seen by Bex, and DL can be seen by everyone but Kristie.


Don’t worry, a voice said from behind me.  I’ll take care of Troy Banner, and I’ll take the baby off your hands too if you’d like.

I nodded, ever so slightly, and Spirit Anna was lifted from the cradle I had made of my arm, which I let fall to my side.

The only powers we see Pana using in both AFTRLYF and HEVN SNT are in this scene right here before she knows him.  He’s invisible and incorporeal.  Technically he can fly, but I’m 99% sure I don’t have him fly in either book.

HOWEVER, I will admit that both Samael and Taxet use flight and invisibility.



Happy thoughts?  Puppies, ponies, Christmas.  Dad’s approval.  This not to be happening.  Tia, get a hold of yourself and fly, damn you!

Where the happy thoughts failed, the mental scolding succeeded.  Excruciating pain distracted me from my plight as the skin at my shoulder blades ripped open, and a pair of wings like Sam’s pushed through.  The wings we received at completion of flight training were nothing like these.  Those were given to us like a mantle to be worn over our skin.  They were useful, to be sure, but you always knew they were a gift and could be taken away at any time.  Mess up and the temporary rewards you had been granted were stripped from you without apology.

These wings were a part of me.  Once I had released them, I knew I’d never be complete if I hid them away again.

Tia actually has flight, invisibility, and incorporeality.  But flight is the power she uses the most.  She goes invisible for about two seconds (at the urging of boy) in AFTRLYF, but the entire climax battle takes place while flying, and she uses her wings all throughout HEVN SNT.


An entire sky’s up there, beckoning me to join it.  And if there are demons in this world, if there are people who can take away your fear or your love, if there are magic rings and bracelets, then why can’t this tattoo turn into a real pair of wings and save me here?  I flex my shoulder blades.  The left one barely hurts, the right one not at all.  My arm’s getting really weary though, straining as it is to hold on.  Water drizzles across my fingers, and I’m struggling not to lose my grip.

“You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly,” is playing in my head.  I think of flying away from my father, away from Jewel and Jayson, away from Miki, away from Matt.  I can fly into the arms of my angel Teddy.  That sounds lovely.  I’m not supposed to run away anymore, but if my tattoo is a pair of wings, who am I to ignore what must be destiny?

Dale, the MC in the novel-that-shall-not-be-named, can’t really fly, but she gets a tattoo that resembles angel wings because she wants to fly away that badly.


Time to put the angel in Evangeline.

Evie can also go invisible, but her form of invisibility is camouflage (like a chameleon, which is her superhero name).  Throughout the book, though, she gives herself many different types of wings.  In the first chapter, she transforms into a hawk, a form she takes a few times.  She also becomes a pigeon, a moth, a winged version of herself (normal size and tiny), and simply wings (that she uses to fake Danny flying).

So, while I do occasionally let my characters have both powers (I’m looking at you, angels of death), for the most part, I have invisible boys and winged girls.  What does this say about me?  I think girls are angelic?  Please, even my actual angels aren’t angelic.  Actually, I’m more interested in what having three main characters, all male, who are invisible for a big portion of the book means about me, lol. 😉

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