Stupid Towel

So today I’m putting the finishing touches on cleaning for guests.  My friend is coming from the UK this weekend.  I don’t have time to clean in the morning before she comes because I’ll be working (so much for “if you need a weekend off, just ask”). But I just finished, yay.

I know some of my cleaning was kind of half-assed (“this is clean enough”), but one thing I was trying to do right was hang towels in the bathroom.  Now for some reason my mom can hang towels in the bathroom and they look nice and neat and sometimes festive.  But, me, I put them up, and, no matter what I do, it seems like they don’t want to hang right.  The back is diagonal from the front or the fold doesn’t go straight all the way or the towel is off-center.  I don’t know, it just seems to take me a long, frustrating time to make it look presentable.

Sometimes when I look at writers’ descriptions I feel the same way.  Some writers just seem to easily describe things in creative yet clear ways.  I don’t understand it.  I have to struggle for most of my descriptions.  If it goes beyond color, I’m laboring to get those words on the page.  And sometimes I don’t even realize the description is missing.

The only reason I thought to put up the guest towels was that I was washing towels anyway.  Oh well.  Same difference 😉

In other news, I keep forgetting about LoLT.  Sorry, sagelikethesister.

Currently on iPod….  I honestly don’t know, so it’s probably still “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.”

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Stupid Towel

  1. I’ll forgive you for LoLT 🙂 To fold hand towels, divide them into thirds, hotdog style, and just hang them in half the other way. I’m terrible at bath towels too, so sorry. I just try to make sure the tag is in the back. lol! Good luck and have fun this weekend!

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