A Tale of Two Audiobooks: Paranormalcy

I didn’t find a new audiobook today before work, which made me sad.  I miss this book I’m about to review 😦

This is a continuation of the post below, which reviewed Beautiful Creatures.  I don’t think there are many book reviews that cover the audiobook, which made it really hard when I was looking for good audiobooks.


I’m going to be honest with you.  I wasn’t thrilled by the book’s description on iTunes.  So why did I listen to this book?  Well, it started with me finishing Beautiful Creatures and wanting something similarish for my next audiobook.  I went to a recommended book on the BC page, then to another one, then another, rejecting novels for their premise, ratings, or preview.  If a narrator was one I couldn’t listen to for 8+ hours, I wouldn’t get it.  But finally I happened upon Paranormalcy.  I have already lamented the coincidences, including the MC’s name, on this blog, but I think her name was what made me try the preview even though the blurb didn’t catch my attention.  I previewed on iTunes, then on audible.com (which is longer).  And I loved it.  I loved the voice and the narrator.  I was a little iffy about the beautiful fairy ex and her starting the book with a vampire (over vamps of all kinds, sorry), which seems to be the in thing to do when working with paranormal hunter of any kind, but the voice made me want to listen more.

Let’s talk about the narrator.  Anyone who’s watched Veronica Mars probably knows about when Veronica acts like she’s super-girly and loves unicorns and pink.  Well, Evie, the MC, is actually sort of Buffy meets pretend-super-girly-Veronica-Mars, and Emily Eiden, the narrator, sounds exactly like Kristen Bell during those moments.  In fact, I totally pictured Kristen Bell as Evie, and that raised my enjoyment of the novel.  Furthermore, as a single reader, Emily Eiden does a pretty good job of giving each character different enough voices, which is HUGE for me when listening to audiobooks.  Reth sounded nothing like Lend.  Evie sounded nothing like Raquel.

The story itself is lots of fun.  I was a little iffy on the whole “I work for a paranormal hunting agency” beginning, but once Evie started connecting to Lend (I could be misspelling his name, since it was an audiobook), I was completely engrossed.

The romance was adorable.  There was no love at first sight or destiny bringing Evie and Lend together.  She got to know him, they flirted little by little, and after a while she realized… she liked him *gasps*.  And Lend was a perfectly normal guy, except for that shapeshifting thing.  He didn’t stalk her (Kiersten left that for Reth, the fairy), he flirted with her, and worked his way up to an awkward asking her out on a date.  So cute.

All coincidences aside, Paranormalcy is totally the type of book I would write, yet different enough from my own stuff (except for those three details), that I could just sit back and enjoy it.  And I did.

My favorite part: I loved so much of the book, but any part with Evie and Lend teasing each other is high on my list.  But I think my absolute favorite part is when Evie cheers herself up by rolling around IPCA in her desk chair.  The image of it cheered me up too, lol

My least favorite part: Okay, so she’s being stalked by a fairy who’s trying to force these “liquid flames” from his body to hers.  This seems like it’s a big rape analogy to me, but in the end that analogy gets convoluted.

Favorite character:  It’s… Evie.  It’s amazing.  My favorite character is the main character.  That almost never happens.  And Lend, the love interest, is a close second.

Pros of the audiobook: The narrator was perfect.  Tracks were actually broken up at the chapter breaks, which doesn’t always happen in audiobooks I get from iTunes.

Cons of the audiobook: Okay, so this is a tiny nitpick.  At first the different accents at IPCA, though they made sense, were a little annoying to me, but I think it was mainly because there were a few scenes with Raquel and Jacques together and they both had accents.  It didn’t matter for 99% of the book, it just happened that it was the beginning.

That’s it.  That’s my review of Paranormalcy.  I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun contemporary fantasy.  I recommend it in audiobook form, but I’m sure it’s a great read as a normal novel too.

Currently on new iPod: A Noble Girl About Town from Doctor Who

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Audiobooks: Paranormalcy

  1. I literally just finished Paranormalcy a few minutes ago–that is really weird!

    It’s a great read in print, too, and I would love to check out the audio book to hear the voices. I loved Evie. Her humour and attitude made Paranormal Containment seem like a much more realistic career plan 😀 haha, just kidding. Lend was fantastic, too, though. And Reth was just…. creepy.

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