Lots of Love Thursday 10/14/10

Woo, I remembered.  Some sister of mine will be so happy.

You remember the drill, right?  I’m going to list all the things that I remember right now that made me happy this week.

  • Kindle replacement was free.  I think I actually got this last week, but this week was when I saw that I didn’t get charged because they got the old one back.  In case you didn’t know, I sadly dropped my Kindle off a table and the casing broke.  So I got a Black Screen of Death.  Amazon told me that they wouldn’t replace it for free for a dropped Kindle, but when I talked to someone on the phone, she instantly told me they would.  No need to threaten to take my e-book business anywhere else, yay.  And all my books were there in the Archive, yay.
  • Second good Glee episode in a row 🙂
  • I keep finding my friend, Rae Mariz,’s book, The Unidentified, all over town.
  • Doing different classes at my gym (and the others around here in the same chain) and staggering them with my personal training routine each week is keeping me motivated to work out.  This is an ongoing thing to be happy about.
  • I followed kickboxing on Tuesday with a mile run.  At the time, it sucked, but I felt pretty accomplished afterwards, and since I did it in half the time I used to do it in P.E., I just want to say, inhalers for the win.
  • I was the most athletic person in the aqua fitness class I took this week. Of course, this might say more about the class than me
  • Got new medications that are actually working and making a month-long problem I’ve had go away, yay.
  • My 13-hour workday pretty much sucked on Sunday, but getting off Monday before noon, and then Tuesday and Wednesday off was really nice
  • There was overtime on my paycheck, and there will be overtime on my next one too
  • Today I got lunch for free thanks to work.  Fancy pizza, salad, and half a slice of pumpkin cake (I split it).
  • I picked a NaNo project
  • I picked a version of Hero/Villain to go with and began revising with my beta notes

Whew, was that enough for you?  I didn’t know this was such a good week, lol.

On new iPod: Papa Don’t Preach from Glee

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Lots of Love Thursday 10/14/10

  1. Yay for LOL Thursdays! I was at Disneyland, so I didn’t check then. I’m so happy things are going well for you 🙂

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