Teaser Tuesday – Daddy’s Little Girl

Heehee, I’m sneaking in here with a teaser because I just revised a bunch.  A couple of betas mentioned that I ignored Evie’s parents for far too long, so I added some scenes with them.  Here is one.

The front door creaks open, and I pause the show and jump to my feet.  Our house is so old and noisy. It’s probably my dad, but I go to check anyway because God knows I don’t want my mom to see how I destroyed her family room couch.

Nope, just Dad.  I meet him at the door and kiss his cheek while he shoves his coat into the closet.  He’s about as neat as me, which is to say, not at all.

“Hi, Danny’s here.  We’re watching TV and playing Wii.”

“That’s great, honey.  Is he staying for dinner?”

“We already got a pizza.”  Damn, I bet Dad would have bought it for us if we had just waited.

“Great.”  He gives me a hug and waves in to the family room as he passes on his way to the stairs.  “Hi, Daniel.”

“Hi, Mr. Dark,” I hear Danny call, though clearly with a mouth full of pizza.

When I stop at the family room door to go in, Dad hands me a twenty before parting.  All right!

I join Danny in front of the TV and show him the twenty.  “Pizza, compliments of Dad.”

He laughs.  “You’re such a Daddy’s Little Girl.”

“Shh, I’m watching.”  I hit play and watch as Ace talks about his parents.

Hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love,



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