Teaser Tuesday, NaNo Style – The Cherry Stem

Here we are on our second week of NaNo, and I have a teaser for you.  Yesterday I was sick with a cold, which sucked, except that I got almost 7K written.  Right now I’m at 28K, yay.  Also, I feel way better.

I had some cute scenes I wrote yesterday, and this one is my favorite.  So from Nano Kid (aka the Cyborg Spy Boy-crush MG, if you knew it by that name):

Caleb had been enjoying his burger so much that he forgot about his milkshake.  That was until Dean reached over and pulled the cherry off of it by the stem.  “You didn’t want this, right?”  He popped it in his mouth, stem at all.

“Hey!”  But Caleb didn’t mind as much as he pretended to.  He grabbed his spoon and began eating the whipped cream off the top of the milkshake.

“You’re supposed to drink it,” Dean pointed out.  Then he stuck out his tongue and showed Caleb the cherry stem.  It was tied in a knot.  Like he had tied it with his tongue.

“Wow,” Caleb said.

Finn snorted again.  “Anyone can do that.”

“That’s not true,” said Dean.

“I can.”

“Prove it,” said Dean, smugly.  There were no other cherries around.  Finn’s cherry lime-aid had turned out to be pink Sprite.

But Finn held out his hand.  Dean looked at it and then back at Finn’s face.  Very slowly he took the stem, untied now, out of his mouth and laid it in Finn’s hand.  Finn popped it in his mouth, worked the stem around inside, then stuck his tongue out with the stem on it at Dean, whose eyes had never left Finn.  He took the newly tied stem off his tongue and placed it on Dean’s plate.  “See?  Not so hard.”

“I stand corrected.”  Dean’s voice was as quiet as Caleb had ever heard it.  He wondered if Dean was embarrassed to be proven wrong, although he didn’t know how wrong Dean had really been.  Caleb was pretty sure that he couldn’t tie a cherry stem with his tongue.  Not that he would try it with that stem.  It had been in two other guys’ mouths already.

Hope you enjoyed that.

Since I am so ahead in word count, I will try to post more about NaNo in my blog while it’s going on.

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6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday, NaNo Style – The Cherry Stem

  1. Oh I like this!!!!

    Im doing the Nano as well. need to ask how you’ve managed to get to 28k!!!!! yay! I was celebrating being at 15 530 but I guess I need to write more XDD

    • I’ve been really aiming for 2K or more every day. This is the first year that I’ve actually reached that goal every day except one where I basically came home from work and went to sleep because I was sick. But I more than made up for that one when I stayed home sick a couple days later and wrote 7K.

      Last year I wrote tons on the weekend (5-10K/day), but next to nothing on weekdays. This was not due to time, but instead to apathy. Fortunately, this year has been a lot more steady on a day-to-day basis.

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