Lots of Love, er, Friday 2/11/11

I might have to change Lots of Love Thursday just because I don’t have time on Thursdays to blog.  Thursdays have gone from my nothing night to my busy night.  This actually started in October, when not only was it busy, but I had conflicts on those nights.

So two weeks before NaNo, I started going to write-ins on Thursday night at the “lounge” that’s interconnected with a local cafe.  They have good food (though not healthy) there, drinks of the alcohol or coffee (or both) variety, bakery goods, and wifi.  I love the group I was meeting with, and when NaNo and the holidays were over, we started meeting again.  Even though we only get about half an hour of work done in a three-hour meeting, it’s tons of fun, and we do talk about writing the whole time.

This comes after my zumba class, which I rush to after work, so by the time I get home, it’s about 11, and I don’t think we can count on me writing a blog post at 11 at night.  So I don’t know what I’ll do with LoLT.  Maybe just make it Friday or a weekend day.

But for now, I’ll do it first thing Friday morning.

  • I’m still enjoying my write-ins on Thursday.  I love those people.
  • Two Glee eps in one week 😀  I loved the music in these eps, but the music didn’t overwhelm the storyline.  Were some parts of the eps requiring suspension of disbelief.  You betcha. That’s part of watching Glee.  I loved that Finn, along with some audience, I’m sure, believed that everything would be okay with Karofsky and was told definitively that that wasn’t how it works.  Now, if only I understood what exactly happened with Kurt and Blaine in the Valentine’s Day ep…
  • The Dresden Files as an audiobook.  OMG, can I rave about listening to James Marsters read Blood Rites enough?  He does Harry perfectly and does the other voices very well (must be all that practice pretending to have a British accent on Buffy).  Somehow his sarcasm voice interjects more humor into Harry’s sarcasm than my mental voice does,and what’s great is that he stays in character.  I love how when Harry’s laughing, you can hear laughter in his voice, when he’s tired, you can hear how weary he is, when he’s straining, so is James’ voice.  I’ll be getting all the rest of the Dresden Files (except the one I have already) as audiobooks.
  • Blood Rites starts out with Harry saving a box of puppies from purple monkey monsters that throw flaming feces.  I mean, really, what a way to start a book.
  • After a series of books with plot twists I saw miles away that were sometimes telegraphed by the author so that you couldn’t miss them, I read/listened to two books this week that had well-executed plot twists.  Hooray.
  • It might not be the most exciting work ever, but we’re back to picking bugs, which means good audiobook time (if you couldn’t tell) and means I don’t have to scrounge for work every day.
  • My fourth query response was a partial request, which gave me a lot more confidence in my H/V query (it’s the first one in a while that I wasn’t sure about).
  • When I don’t feel like editing but want to do something writerly, I’m working on the whacky SNI.  I don’t plan on querying this, so I’m just having fun with it.

There you go.  My LoLT, a day late.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Lots of Love, er, Friday 2/11/11

  1. Okay, now I think *I’m* going to have to get Dresden Files on audiobook….love me some James Marsters, woot!

    Lots of Love Fridays sounds perfectly fine to me, btw! 🙂

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