Teaser Tuesday – Losing Jason

Here’s a Teaser Tuesday.  I’ve fallen back into ignoring the blog.  Sorry.  I plan for a big book giveaway contest soon, which will hopefully inspire me to post here more often.

I’m still working on revisions for Fireflies, which I’ve been making a YA from a MG.  This week I crossed over into the minimum YA length, but there are still many changes to be made.

Here’s an excerpt I wrote recently.  Context: Fiona put her little brother Jason into time-out and took her older brother, Troy, who has the traumatic brain injury, to breakfast, and when she came back, her mom didn’t know where Jason was.  The “her” at the beginning is Aunt Sonia, who runs the inn.

“Have you seen Jason?” I ask her, a little breathless from my search.

She looks up from her frying pan, where she’s frying some bacon.  Whether it’s for her own breakfast, for Uncle Jerry, or with the hope that some guests will come down and eat in the dining room today, I don’t know.

My question alarms her, and she puts the frying pan down on another burner, turning off the one she was using.  “No.  What happened?  Is he missing?”

I nod.  “I put him in time out, and he escaped.”  I want to go off on a rant about how Mom was supposed to be watching him, but I know that now’s not the time.

Aunt Sonia nods and takes off her apron, hanging it on a peg near the oven.  “Let’s find him.  Where’s Elise?”

“Watching Troy,” I say, although it’s entirely possible she’s left the suite to look for Jason too.  Although Troy does need babysitting, just like I said, he can be better trusted than Jason to stay if commanded.  In fact, I’m not sure that he wouldn’t rather stay on the couch while Mom and I search for Jason, rather than helping us look.

The thought makes me feel sick because that’s not Troy.  It’s not.  And I want to believe that even after the TBI, he’s fighting so so hard to get back to himself.  He’s sending those fireflies in different directions and rebuilding his brain where the swelling has killed parts of it.  But I don’t know if he’s fighting.  He doesn’t look like he’s fighting.

He’s not fighting to find Jason, that’s for sure, because when Aunt Sonia and I finish looking under tables and behind the oven and in the pantry and around the tasting room, we go back into the hall, and he’s not out there searching with us.

Hope you enjoyed.

Currently on iPod: Infidel by Five for Fighting.

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Losing Jason

  1. Wow, that’s so sad… I really feel the narrator’s frustration at the whole situation, her one brother’s run off and the other one isn’t trying, or so it seems to her. It must be rough. This just makes me want to give her a hug!

    Nice tease!

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