Lots of Love Thursday, 4/14/11

Look, look, it’s Thursday and I’m doing a LoLT.

Here are the exciting things from the last week.

  • I posted a teaser for the first time in a while
  • The government didn’t shut down.  Our lab gets a lot of EPA work, and the difference between them shutting down and not shutting down is the difference between being forced to take vacation versus possibly getting overtime.  (Not because my work changed, but because we’d have more workers in the lab who couldn’t do other projects)
  • I realized that I’m really excited about my latest full request
  • I bought 17 books (including 4 manga) and a blu-ray for $40.  This may be less exciting than what I buy tomorrow and Saturday as (sad, though) our Borders both shut down.
  • I wrote several pages for Script Frenzy (which I’m not really doing, shh)
  • The garbage disposal broke…and we fixed it…for free
  • Our siding was finally fixed (after being broken for like a month)
  • I bought a sports bra that gives me awesome support
  • My zumba instructor gave me the title of my favorite zumba song and I downloaded it

So it was kind of an eventful week.  Oops, gotta post this now, while it’s still Thursday.

Lots of love,



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