Crash (but no burn, yay)

First let me remind you that it’s the last day of my first book giveaway.  A new one starts tomorrow with totally different books.

Yeah, so I dropped my netbook on Wednesday night.  It was stupid.  I tend  to bring too many things downstairs to watch tv, and then I have to bring them all up again.  So I folded a blanket, put my book on top of it, put my netbook on top of that (dooooom), wrapped my arms around those, and carried my power cord and water bottle in my hand.

Well, I was also talking to roomie and dancing around the kitties at my feet when I entered my bedroom.  And I felt something slip off the blanket, but thought it was the book (which I didn’t even like) so I didn’t stretch to catch it.

Nope, it was the netbook.

And I’ve dropped this netbook before with no effect whatsoever.  In fact, I was pretty happy with how sturdy it’s been, considering how tiny it is.  Actually, this has been the BEST computer I’ve ever had.  I’ve had such bad luck with them.  Spyware invasions, and internal stuff gone loose during shipping, and backlights going out, and power cords not working, and so many video card problems, and wifi receiver not working.  But that little netbook, it had no problems…until I dropped it.

And even then, well, it worked.  The hinges broke, so the lid was about a centimeter above the base when I picked it up off the ground.  But I could see through that centimeter that it was working.  This, even though the corner of the lid had busted open so I could see the inside.  The screen even survived.  But I couldn’t open it any further than that centimeter.  So peeking into the little space I had, I managed to move the cursor around until I could shut the laptop down for the night.

So I took it to Best Buy, which is where I bought it.  I knew I had gotten a warranty, but I didn’t know for sure for how long.  Well, it was covered, but not for me dropping it, boo.  It would take two weeks to fix it, booooooooooooooooooo.  Also it would cost half the price of a new one (except that I don’t know that for sure because the Geek Squad was like, “We’re not good at this, don’t trust this estimate, they’d give you a real estimate as soon as it gets to the guys fixing it”).  So… I bought a new one.

But the Geek Squad did open it up (and now I don’t dare close it because of those bad hinges), and so I saved everything that I wasn’t sure I had backed up, then used one of those easy transfer cables to move everything from one netbook to the other.

I still have a little buyer’s remorse.  A) That really was the best computer I’ve ever had and there’s no guarantee this one will be as good (but no guarantee that the other would work as well after fixing it either), B) there are a bunch of around-the-house and other electronic stuff that we’ve been talking about getting and this is money that I could have used for that, C) I’ve done no research on today’s netbooks, so there might have been a better choice, and D) this netbook doesn’t really give me anything that the other didn’t have (aka, I’m not getting a shiny new toy, just a replacement with the pain of getting everything back the way I like it).

But I have 14 days to decide that I should have fixed the other instead, and my birthday is coming up and I’m getting money that can help me justify that.  So it’s possible I’ll be responsible and return this.  But less likely every minute, really, as I set everything up the way I like it.

Plus, seriously, two weeks is way long without a computer when you’re a writer.

Currently on iPod: Invisible Man by Queen

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Crash (but no burn, yay)

  1. “Plus, seriously, two weeks is way long without a computer when you’re a writer.” No kidding! I wrote a lot by hand while I was in Japan, but (a) I killed my wrist doing that and (b) it’s so slow by comparison. I’ll do it if I absolutely have to, but that’s on a day-by-day basis, not a week-by-week one!

    Good luck 🙂

    • Haha, yeah, I was like, “Well, I could write by hand… and I could use my iPod for internet… but, OH, I couldn’t pay bills and what if I get a request or an offer or something that requires a real computer????” Yeah, I found excuses really fast

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