Zombie Jesus contest winner

Hey, guys,

I’ve had a pretty tiring week, so I haven’t really posted or set up the next phase of the contest yet, but I did want to announce the winner of the last one.  Clearly you all are tired of vampire and werewolf books.  But there were a couple of entries, and the winner was:


I’ll give you a tweet too, chica.  Congrats 😀

I’ll either post the next bunch of books tonight or tomorrow.

Currently on iPod:  It Can’t Come Quickly Enough by Scissor Sisters

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Zombie Jesus contest winner

  1. Congrats Jennifer!!

    I didn’t enter, Sage because there were several books that were further along in series that I haven’t read. I didn’t want to win books if there was someone that would have wanted them more than me. I look forward to your next contest though!!

    • Yeah, I knew that’d probably be a problem. Unfortunately, a lot of the books that were left at Borders were 2nd or later books in series. This was especially true in the first Borders that closed, but my favorite one had a lot more selection, so except for Spirit Bound, I avoided the books I realized were later in series. Although there were two I picked up on accident, both of which I’ve read and enjoyed (one which I love and am keeping, sorry, guys)

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