Workout Wednesday 5/4/11

I’ve decided that in order to keep motivated for working out and my weight loss goals, I’d implement a new series.  Workout Wednesdays 🙂  I’m just going to detail my workouts for the past week, from Thursday to Wednesday (assuming I’m posting after my workout on Wednesday).  Hopefully I can share weight loss info too, instead of plateauing forever.

By the way, is “workout” one word or two?  Or maybe it matters what context I’m using it in.

Well regardless of the spelling, here’s my past week’s workouts:


Aqua fitness – 35 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of abs, and about 10 minutes hitting around a beach ball

Zumba – 50 minutes of dancing, variety of music including latin, reggaeton, bellydancing, etc.


PT (personal training) routine – a bunch of exercises on the Purmotion “machine,” which looks like a giant jungle gym.  Chin ups, pull ups, lunges, step ups, two ab exercises, and a shoulder exercise.


Aqua fitness – pretty much the same as Thursday


Took it off


PT routine – Skater lunges with weights, triceps lifts (12.5 lb dumbells for both), squats with weights, chest press (22.5 lb dumbells for both), leg lifts, midrow cable (35 lb), and a cable exercise with a staff that made me feel like Mulan (20 lb)

Zumba – 50 minutes of dancing.  This was a new class, and I don’t know if I’ll go back.  More pop-oriented and the instructor wasn’t big on going over moves before doing them.

Iron – Barbell weight lifting with light weights set to music.  Hour class.

Zumba – 50 minutes of dancing.  This class seems more ab-oriented, which is great (Yeah, I did 2 different zumba classes ‘cuz I was pretty disappointed with the first)


Aqua fitness – a variety of cardio and strength moves with gloves on


Same PT routine as Monday.

In general I’m going to have my first PT routine of the week on Monday with my personal trainer.  Then I’ll do the same routine on my own twice more and fill in the rest of the week with classes or something boring like the treadmill.

Can you believe that with a schedule like this, I used to be the girl who hated P.E.  I have to admit that having an inhaler has really improved my ability and willingness to workout.  Having the personal training once a week to keep my workouts fresh from week to week and then a bunch of fun classes like aqua fitness and zumba really help.  In fact, I look forward to working out most of the time. 🙂  Miles away from teenage Sage.

So hopefully I keep up the good work, yeah?

Oh, I almost posted without reminding you.  Don’t forget to enter the third Bye-Bye Borders giveaway.

Currently on iPod: It Doesn’t Matter by Allison Krauss and the Union Station

Lots of love,


One thought on “Workout Wednesday 5/4/11

  1. Oy, Sage! You make me feel lazy!!! The most workout I do is stationary bike. haha. So boring. Your routine sounds fun!!! Keep it up!

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